Moto Guzzi

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Moto Guzzi is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer. They typically don't make mopeds, but during the late 70's they did a joint venture with Benelli. Benelli supplied the motors and they used primarily CEV parts. The frame was made by Moto Guzzi.


There are two moped types that Moto Guzzi made:

  • the American version called the Robin
  • the Italian version called the Chiu.

Parts Information

  • The motor is the same as the Benelli G2 motor.
  • The clutch is the same as a 2-shoe Puch clutch.
  • A one speed transmission is all these mopeds came with.
  • These motors came with a 14.9 SHA Dellorto carburetor. Some also have the 14.12 carb and the intakes change accordingly.
  • As stated before the tailight, headlight, and speedo are CEV parts.

The odd part about the Moto Guzzi and Benelli moped with this motor is that the drive chain and the pedal chain are on the same side. If you are on the moped the chains will be on your left side.

Parts Compatibility

Some, but not all, of the parts are interchangeable. For example, the exhaust on a Chiu was a traditional pipe and baffle design. The Robin used different with a smaller pan style exhaust.