Mosquito Fleet

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The Mosquito Fleet

The Mosquito Fleet, located in Seattle, Washington is an official branch of the Moped Army. The gang was started in 2002, by 3 members, which has escalated to over 50 members in 4 years.

Moped Monday

Every Monday of the year the Mosquito Fleet meets at the Mars Bar/Cafe Venus, 609 Eastlake and Mercer.. The meetings start at 8pm and are open to the public. Afterwards a group ride is led around town and leaves the Mars Bar at around 10:15pm. The First Monday of the month is the Official Moped Monday, and club business is discussed.

Blood Drive: A moped rally

The Mosquito Fleet holds a rally every year entitled Blood Drive in Seattle the first or second weekend of August. Moped Army members and non-members come from around the country to participate. In 2005 there was appoximately 70 bikes on the ride to Vashon Island.