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The whole crew of OCC rode mopeds during an episode of their Discovery Channel show. This was a notable sighting because Mikey, often portrayed as the black sheep of the family, shouted out "This is the most fun I've had in my entire life"

On an episode of _My Name is Earl_ Earl's brother Randy tempts fate by purchasing a moped with money he should have given to the I.R.S. The moped is destroyed in an accident shortly after. Even though he owned the moped for less than a week his first idea was creating a moped gang with his black friend "Crab Man". The gang was to be called "Salt and Pepper" (because they both like salt and pepper on their fries). They bought 2 tomos mopeds from Myrons Mopeds as reported by Byron of Myrons. (Randy on the moped) mp3 audio of Randy deciding to buy a moped, Talking to Crabman about the Moped Gang and ends with him smashing into the pothole. “I feel so alive…” “that’s a cool moped Randy, looks like a motorcycle had sex with a bicycle” “You should get one too…and then we can start a moped gang”