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Moped Kills Teen, Rider Flees Scene

A Deadly Swarm (U.K.) On August 31st, 2006, The Mirror reported that A British girl of 13 was mowed down and killed by a drunk moped rider while on holiday in Greece. Sigourney Sloan was hurled two metres and cracked her head on the pavement, fracturing her skull. Moped rider Sevasti Katsouli, 20, sped into the night with three other riders leaving Sigourney dying on the road at Tigaki on the isle of Kos.Her mother Susan, of Andover, Hants, told an inquest yesterday: "We were talking and laughing and didn't hear the bikes."One bike was on the wrong side. Sigourney was hit from behind. None of the riders stopped."The Winchester inquest was told Katsouli was drunk, had no licence and was speeding. [1]

Police car strikes moped; Police state "Speed not a factor"

On Fri, Aug. 25, 2006, The Lexington Herald reported that a Lexington (Kentucky) police cruiser hit a moped last night as the officer was on his way to report for his shift. Police said the cruiser struck the moped on inbound Richmond Road near Shoreside Drive about 10 p.m. Both vehicles were in the left lane and it appears the moped was hit from behind, Lt. Douglas Pate said.

The moped driver, who was not identified, was taken to University of Kentucky Medical Center with serious head injuries. Pate said he did not appear to be wearing a helmet. Police did not identify the officer. Pate said the officer was not using his emergency flashing lights or siren and the preliminary investigation shows speed does not appear to be a factor. The duty status of the officer had not been determined, pending more information from the investigation.

This is an unusual article because some moped riders say that "police don't pay much attention to mopeds" and other riders have said that the police hassle them. In this idiosyncratic article the rider is both ignored and hassled by the police at the same time. Further questions are raised by the official police statement that "speed does not appear to be a factor"'.

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