Moped videos

This page is a listing of moped videos found online.

French Section

For French mopeds.


Anything you can find online that is movie-ish and involves mopeds

Fizzy Days (part 2)
Fizzy Days (part 3)
Short film: 1970's. England. Teenage boys want girls. Teenage boys want mopeds to impress girls. Teenage boys will do anything to get said mopeds.
A half-naked man on a Mobylette races a guy on a motorcycle. (Very short film).


Moped Rallies

Rally Trailers/Promos

Videos from moped rallies




Your Moped

Any video featuring your (or someone else's) moped

A video by Harold featuring a MotoMatic Mopeds custom exhaust pipe
2+ minutes of wheelies, Vespa Ciao style
1974 Velosolex Solex Pli-Solex by BrianSolex

Music Videos

For music videos about, related to, featuring, or showing at least a snippet of moped

The music video by Hollywood Holt
A music video by Rise Against featuring mopeds
This video cuts in and out from scenes of a woman riding a moped. The best shot of the moped is probably at 1:05.
The title of this compilation by Autechre kinda says it all. It doesn't say anything specifically about mopeds, but it does say "Puch" a lot.

International Flavor

Moped-related videos from the rest of the world that don't fit in any other section.

Commercials and Advertisements


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