Moped history

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Links to sites which deal with the historical developments of mopeds and related two-wheeled brethren.

British Motorcycle Manufacturers

A comprehensive site listing manufacturer's histories. Some of these companies made mopeds too. There is some valuable historical info lodged in there.

Honda Express History

This site goes through the history of the Honda Express, and all of the different model variants. It has a photo of the changes from each year, and a brief description of the moped. A great resource for Honda Express enthusiasts.

Swedish site featuring tons of photos on many different moped brands. There is very little content in English, but well worth checking out for the photos.

Mobylettes of the 1960s

A wonderful table that show what models where manufactured what years and explains a bit about the naming of the models. This is a great resource on 60's Mobylettes.

The Moped Archive

This site has archived over 800 articles about "cyclemotors, autocycles, mopeds and similar feeble machinery."

Simplex Motorcycle

A great site dedicated the Simplex manufactured from the 1930's to the 1960's with a wonderful model history section, and many picture galleries.