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Mopeds are a class of motorized vehicles in legal literature normally defined by limits on engine displacement, speed, power output, transmissions, or the requirement of pedals. The Moped Army generally recognizes only motor-driven cycles with pedals as being the de facto definition of a moped, however, some enthusiasts work on bikes without pedals or with pedals removed.


The earliest mopeds, introduced in the early 1950s, were nothing but bicycles with a helper motor in various locations. An example of this type is the Velosolex brand, which simply had a rubber roller driving the front tire. A more innovative design was known in the UK as the Cyclemaster, which had a complete powered rear wheel which was simply substituted for the bicycle rear wheel—a design which originated from a design by two DKW engineers in Germany. Slightly larger machines, commonly with a 98cc engine were known as autocycles. Link title


The word moped was coined by a Swedish journalist in 1952, as an abbreviation of motor and pedal.[1]

Local definitions

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Typically, mopeds are restricted to 45-50 km/h (28-31 mph) and engines less than 50 cc.

Moped culture

Enthusiasts have formed at least several organizations devoted to moped collecting, repair, and lifestyle.

A number of unaffiliated local and regional organizations also exist, such as the RCMP from the Greater Toronto Area, Rocket Ship Tomos from Japan, the MOFOs from New Jersey, and The Variators, which were formerly a branch of the Moped Army, from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Moped safety

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