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Mofast is a performance parts company which sold moped parts in the 80's or early 90's. Parts carry the mofast "For competition use only" decal. Little is known about this company and the parts they sold are fairly uncommon. Much of the info here is based on speculation based on images, little info exists.

Puch Maxi and Magnum

  • Mofast expansion chamber exhaust.

A pipe of hand welded construction featuring a serviceable silencer. The powerband is speculated to be for high end performance. Construction is sturdy with a chrome plated finish. There are horizontal and angled header flange versions of this exhaust to fit either the maxi or magnum.

  • Mofast 19mm carburetor

This is a 19mm dellorto Ua 19 carburetor. The carburetor likely came with an intake manifold and a aluminum velocity stack.

  • Mofast 19mm intake manifold.

The 19mm intake is of cast aluminum construction and matches the mofast carburetor.

  • Mofast Cylinder head.

This may be a high compression head.

  • Mofast piston.

It is unknown which cylinder this 43.5mm piston was intended to fit.

Derbi Variant

  • Mofast cylinder head.

Designed for the derbi variant and features a compression release. This head has a factory style combustion chamber with no squish band. Compression rating is unknown.