Mobylette AV89

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Mobylette AV89

The Mobylette AV89 series was infrequently imported into the US during the 1960s. Though production continued in France beyond the 60s, the 50 series took over in the US. Parts for the AV89 series are therefore much more common in Europe than in North America.


Though both the AV89 series and the 50 series use the AV7 engine, the AV89 series differs in several important ways.

Performance Differences

1. The carburetor is a 14mm Gurtner, running a pretty lean jet.

2. The intake port is larger. About twice the area of the stock port. Piston port kits also use this wide intake.
3. The case is ported to match the transfers of the cylinder.

4. The sidewall ports are a little taller and maybe a little wider.

5. The stock compression is 9:1.

6. The stock timing is 1.5mm BTDC.

7. The exhaust has about the same flow as the seventies version.

8. The pulley is larger, allowing for a greater ratio change in the variator.

Other Differences

1. The engine head is different so it cannot be mounted on a 50 series frame and a 50 series engine cannot be mounted on an AV89.
2. The AV89 requires a longer belt (Ventico D243CR) because of the larger pulley. NAPA 4L350 and 4L360 belts have been reported as U.S. equivalents.
3. The AV89 has 18" wheels instead of 17" wheels.

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Other Notes

Most AV89s have dates marked on the engine that can be misleading, usually a date from 1960. Though this is the date of manufacture for the engine, it is not the year of production for the moped. A more accurate estimate of the moped's year can be found on the original Gurtner carburetor.

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