Minarelli starter plate

The weakness of the Minarelli v1 motor, That damn starter clutch plate bearing. It's quite common for it to ware down to nothing or even fuse itself to the leaf spring. If you know, you like to hold in your clutch at high rpm's? Either way. Here is a little demo to fix it! Super Easy Picture edition for extreme ease! But if you don't feel like doing this, you can try and find one on the German or Italian ebay websites (www.ebay.de or www.ebay.it)

warning: nasty ass fingernails. my apologies

Things you will need

  • A tapered punch
  • hex wrenches (Allen keys)
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Hammer
  • 1/4 inch ball bearing
  • Drill! (use a 1/8 drill bit)
  • Gloves! (Something I should have worn, sorry for they eye sores)
  • You also might want a new tranny gasket


Let's get down to buisnesssss!

  1. put on those gloves
  2. unscrew oil plug! drain oil!
  3. take off clutch cover using hex wrenches (Allen keys) while you're at it check the leaf springs.
  4. remove gasket
  5. use needle nose pliers to remove the large snap ring holding the clutch plate in. There will be a spring behind the plate. Don't lose it!
  6. okay now you have your plate, sorry for lack of photos up till now, but I promise it is easy peasy.
  7. turn clutch plate over, and drill a hole in the back of it until you see the back of the bearing as stated above, use 1/8 drill bit That is about as far as you need to go. just so you can see that bearing and get a punch in there (Fig.A)  
  8. using the hammer and the tapered punch, punch out that bearing. this is him when he comes out. (Fig.B)  
  9. there is now a hole in the plate were that bearing used to be. place the 1/4 ball bearing in it. It will need "persuaded" to go in with one nice little tap of the hammer. it will sit captive in the plate.
  10. There you go! nice working plate! (Fig.C)  
  11. alright, put that spring back, and the plate back, snap in that ring. Put a new gasket on there and put the clutch cover back on and fill her up with some nice new non detergent oil.
  12. Enjoy a nice beverage of choice.
  13. Ride into sunset.