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here you go guys really rough quick translation. feel free to edit it as you please

1. Compression: All of our kits are made with the appropriate compression such as complete top ends and without head.

2. Crank arm: Once you have taken the cylinder apart check the crank arm. There shouldn’t be any play in the vertical motion, and parallel movement should not play more than 0.7 mm.

3. Piston skirt: Check the piston skirt for damage. If there is any, trade it for a new one.

4. Ports: If possible and if you have the tools, touch up the ports so that they match the cylinders as close as possible for a better flow of gases.

5. Cleaning: Clean the piston ring slots very well. Grease up the ring grooves as well as the cylinder and piston.

6. Piston: Attention, the piston has an arrow on it pointing to the exhaust port.

7. Important: While bolting the head on, do it in a progressive criss cross pattern.

8. Tuning/Timing: Slow down or retard the point of ignition by 1.8 mm to 2mm before top dead center. Change the spark plug for a grade equivalent to b7h.

9. Carburetor: Increase its size up to a maximum of 21mm, adjust jetting appropriately depending on what terrain or weather you are in, such as sea level, temperature, etc.. Metrakit also sells dellorto carburetors.

10. Lubrication: Use synthetic oil.

11. Breaking in: It is recommended that for the first 300 km you do not go WOT this way your cylinder will last longer. It's also recommended that you increase your oil by 1% so if you are using 2% go up to 3%.

12. Exhausts: If you want more options we have a wide catalog and variety of exhausts . Metrakit is not responsible if you choose to use another brand's exhaust.

This is not included in the instructions:

During break in, it is recommended not to run synthetic oil. Petroleum based oil promotes easier wear for piston rings.