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The Maxi is a model of moped manufactured by the Puch Corporation. They were imported into Canada under the name Bombardier.

1976 Puch Maxi


The Maxi's engine came in three different horsepower ratings: 1, 1.5, and 2 HP, which correspond to mopeds limited to 20, 25, and 30 m.p.h., respectively. It is believed that the 1.5 HP version can be altered to effectively become a 2 HP version by derestricting the airbox and exhaust pipe.


Maxis were produced in both one-speed and two-speed versions. The two versions can be identified by the shape of their gearbox covers; one-speeds have circular gearboxes while two-speeds have rectangular gearboxes. Both types are automatic transmissions, operated by a centrifugal clutch, which engages once the engine reaches sufficient RPMs. Transmission fluid should be changed every 3600 miles using ATF Type-F fluid.

Spark Plug

The spark plug on a Maxi should be gapped between .016 and .020 in (.4 and .5mm). Some spark plugs commonly used on Maxis include:

  • Bosch W8AC
  • Bosch Platinum 4214
  • NGK B6HS
  • Champion L86
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Fuel Tank

The Maxi's fuel tank is contained within the moped's frame. It cannot be removed.

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