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Welcome to Moped Wiki

This wiki, brought to you by the Moped Army, is dedicated to information about mopeds and will hopefully expand to be a comprehensive moped encyclopedia. This will require your help, not only in adding new information but editing and adding to what others have written. On a wiki everyone is able to create and edit new pages; this is a collaborative process where no one person owns the authorship on a particular article.

For an example of how a wiki works see Wikipedia, which uses the same software as Moped Wiki. Consult the User's Guide for information on using wiki software before contributing. Writing on MopedWiki should be as informative and unbiased as possible and use the Wikipedia Style Guide.

Moped Wiki is for factual knowledge and information, please continue to use the forums for general discussion and debates with other moped enthusiasts.

Adding to the Wiki

To make a new page on a wiki you just go to a page that doesn't exist and to edit it. You can do this in 3 ways:

  • Search for something, have it not be found, and choose to create it
  • Follow red links, which are internal wiki links to pages that don't yet exist
  • Just type in a wiki URL that doesn't yet exist

There is no hierarchically organization. As things fill pages will be interconnected through links. You can help this by remembering to add wiki links on keywords in an article you write, even if they don't exist yet.

You can also assist in the growth of the Wiki by expanding stub pages—basic pages which need further editing.

MopedWiki Categories

This will be as useful and wonderful as you make it, everyone has the power to contribute.