Magnum LTD

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The Grand Poobah of the Puch Magnum series. Only 500 were made, all of which were manufactured in 1981. The Puch Magnum Limited or LTD had some of the same features as a Magnum MKII, such as: hydraulic forks, 2 speed ZA50 engine and oil injection. Differences between the Magnum LTD and a normal Magnum MKII are: the LTD’s came with a special paint job (mettalic off-white w/red and gold decals), matching off-white 5 star mag wheels (w/red pinstripe), a front fairing, blacked out chrome, cafe bars, turn signals, keyed ignition (instead of a on/off switch), a special Puch Monza dash with numbered plate on it and an optional tachometer.

If you have a Magnum LTD please insert your number, name and a short description of the bike and where you got it from. KEEP IT IN ORDER!

1. #40. Owned by Justin Doody.


2. #073. Owned by Shay Derickson. Tank and dashboard are the only actual LTD parts.


3.#090. Owned by Harry Hoppe. Restored. Original decals replaced with custom color scheme.

090 update.jpg

4.#110. Owned by Avery Manire.


If you own just an LTD tank or an LTD without a number tag please list your name and a short description of what you have and where you got it from.

- One LTD tank, owned by Brendan Barrans. The tank was spared when Mini-Magnum got Blued up in 2008.

- Frame, tank and sidecovers owned by Cuperzacko, items sourced from Harry Hoppe. Bike's dash was missing, so unknown number. Being rebuilt with polini e50. Will ultimately receive tweaked za50, hpi and hopefully an authentic dash with tachometer.