Lincoln Street Lost Boys


Group founded in 2015 in Allston, MA, comprised of former UgLiEs, Peace Warriors, Metal Ponies, and Cool Guys.

If you've met someone from Boston at a rally in 2015 or 2016, it was probably these guys.

They are, in alphabetical order:

Patched members:

Lou Heck (Top Gun) [1]

Brandon Johnson

Andy LeClair (Top Gun) [2]

Fred Matthews [3]

Zach Richards

Adam Riggsby [4]

Michael Royce [5]

Dickie Thompson [6]

Mykael Valley (Top Gun) [7]


Tor Ekstrom [8]

Winners of Worst Gang at the LGN Philly Phun Fist 3: Year of the GROM.


Pictured here are some of the Lost Boys with SABAT and Mars, father and lover of all Boston moped gangs who literally gave birth to all Lost Boys and UgLiEs, while attending UB Presents: Love is a 4 Letter Word, Portland, OR, February, 2016.


2016 UB Presents: Love is a 4 Letter Word

2016 Moped GP East Season Opener

2016 The UgLiEs Present: Rally to the Future

2016 Upfest 2: Shine On You Crazy Stallion

2016 LGN Philly Phun Fist III: Year of the GROM

2016 HnRz Present: Endless Bummer