Lighting - You Blew It - An Inquiry Into LEDs

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Work in progress... Just setting up outline.
The goal of this guide is to outline the process of converting a stock moped electrical system to a LED system. A guide to safe and bright lights.
You blew it! Now what?

Tools Required

  • Soldering Iron
  • Solder
  • A way to remove the magneto
  • Pliers

Pieces you need that your moped does not have

  • A regulator /rectifier - Not just a regulator, we will be converting the AC output of the magneto to DC for the LEDs. These can range the cheap $10 ones to the Trail Tech (7004-RR150) or higher. We will be using the Trail Tech (7004-RR150) in this guide.
  • Headlight Lens - If you have a sealed headlight you will need to change to a replaceable bulb type, usually fits a 1156 BA15s bulb.
  • LEDs - You can find ones that fit in your current moped fixtures. Headlight bubs are usually a 1156 BA15s bulb. Taillights are usually a single 1157 BA15d bulb or two 63 BA15s bulbs. Check yours before you order.

Preparing the Stator

Requires complete removal of the stator.