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Chinese Redbadge 4 stroke "moped" with a 50cc Horiztontal Honda OHC clone.


lazer moped lazer WOWOWOW

well its been a few years now since i introduced the lazer moped back in 2005 with baron motorcycles as importer see your archives on moped army .(been busy) . but now it is time to tell all moped owners the lazer sport is back and selling all over usa now . i hired a local chinese importer here in so cal and he copied my usa sample i personally imported ,exact to photos you see and now the best regular gas real pedal moped and only real pedal 4 stroke in usa . has been improving the lazer sport 5 since usa arrival in december 2009 and now our 2010 model in photos . we have increase power and performance with jjmotorsportsinc exclusive 2 speed shift kit and perfomance gear set ... i challange any 2 stroke in usa to even compare to all features and performance for a stock tomos or any other new moped in usa .. we did it right and it is loaded ,speedo ,tach ,hydraulic front disk brake ,2 seater regular gas , over 100 mpg ! and a 2 speed transmission now for 2010 you can use . down shift ,up shift with ease and over 50% increase in power from 2009 . i saw a need in the usa for a 4 stroke pedal moped in usa back in 2005 and our first ones were test mules in usa . but now our 2010 along with our new importer bring you the best 4 stroke pedal moped the usa has ever riden or owned ever . come by for a free test ride on jjmotorsportsinc exclusive pedal 4 stroke mopeds as i promised they will keep getting beter as long as i am in charge in upgrades . our big bore kits with our shift kit has no competion in entire usa to keep up with my lazer sport 5 . come by and test ride one today and thanks and i will keep improving them forever ...oh my next project jjmotorsportsinc is working on our new 2011 automatic 2 speed sometime late spring . get a clean burning 4 stroke pedal 49cc moped from us now on sale $999.00 from retail price of $1295.00 jjmotorsportsinc 2328 durfee ave unita el monte, ca. 91732 626-444-4615