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The Landsquids (aka the Gland-spits) are an official branch of the Moped Army from Sacramento, California. They were admitted on October 26th of 2006.

With the help of the Moped Army's website they found one another and banded together in 2005. The Landsquids are now a fully matured moped gang of 25 members, one scout, and 3 honoraries. The Landquids are adept at custom moped builds due to their affiliation with motomatic mopeds and its genius tuner Nate Kiehn and master of style and powdercoating Mike Rafter. So they have typically nice bikes that they don't bother riding.

The Landsquids have a vested interest in the internet and the workings of the site. What they do may seem harsh at times, but ask yourself this 'Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?' It's the same thing. If you see a landsquid being mean to someone its because that landsquid knows something you don't, and you should accept on faith that they're looking out for you. In brief, the landsquids have a plan for this website.

That plan is autoplaying youtube videos in a manner where you cannot shut them off.

Sacramento is a Midwestern city lost on the Pacific Rim. It is characterized by billiard table topography, an old central city area on a grid with houses dating from the late 19th Century, a few inner ring suburbs that maintain their affluent status, and a couple of rivers and railroads, all surrounded by endless miles of shapeless postwar automobile suburb and farmland. Because a people is shaped by its geography, the Landsquids are essentially a Midwestern gang. Examples of Midwestern behavior include drinking by rivers, drinking on farms, drinking while dancing to Journey and the Outfield, and not riding mopeds between the months of November and May.