Lance campeau

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Lance 'Laurence' 'Larry' Campeau, (Nov. 18th, 1943-November 12, 2011), was a well-known Canadian musician, videographer, and forum poster, born in the Northwest Territories His numerous videos of moped repair, train crossing, drumming demonstrations, and food preparation captured the imagination of the General and Off-Topic forums for well over a year. His videos can be distinguished by a '[]' watermark on the bottom right corner.

He was total pail, too - so you know, people shunned him.

Also, his videos make a lot more sense when you play them all at once.

UPDATE: Lance Campeau was the last person to post in the Off Topic forum because he didn't know it was dead.

DOUBLE UPDATE: Lance Campeau died when his motoscooter done got hit by a car in Kuala Lumpur. [1]




Internet: Meet Chance Lampeau. [2]