La Resistance

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La Resistance is a solidarity group for French mopeds and those that are similar to French mopeds. It was created by Erin Mathieson and Bret Hoffman who thought they were alone in their love of French mopeds. They were wrong though—many around the world were fascinated by these beautiful works of engineering. Thus La Resistance was born and is open to everyone. The only requirement is the belief that French mopeds are superior to others.

La Resistance Mission Statement (created by Erin Mathieson):

La Resistance is devoted to elitist snobbery of all things French. French things are fancy. Belt drives are just better. French bikes aren’t all vibraty like those other bikes. Variators make bikes go fast. My stock French moped is faster than your kitted Austrian crap. Look at the exhaust scars on your legs!! Motobecanes have their exhausts under the bikes so you don’t get less attractive by getting scars. French bikes are better looking. Style is important. No dangly parts to look more ugly. You are more attractive on a French bike. It is a fact. Motobecanes are bigger so you can ride double. Riding double can and always leads to romance. La Resistance is about being in love. French bikes mean love. With love you can overcome all obstacles. Love is loving love. Vive La Resistance!!