Korado Engine Differences

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It has all been figured out. I have an anti clockwise stator, BUT since the engine on my Maxi is from a Supermaxi ,or as its called here in the USA, a Korado, my stator plate turns clockwise.

My engine was manufactured in 1998, way after Puch was purchased by Piaggio. This engine was made by the Povazske strojarne company under the Puch name. there are a few key differences, the most major of them being that the internal main gears are cut in reverse, thus making the stator turn clockwise when the bike is pushed forward, the opposite of a regular E50.

This is my engine type …notice that it is an E50 , but notice the direction of the gearing on the main shaft. This is from a Korado. Sometimes (but not always) the Korado engine like below will have 4 bearings instead of 3, but most come with 3. They also came in a kick-start model.

Korado engine

This is from a 70’s era Puch E50. This engine was made in Austria and came on a regular Maxi. Notice the opposite gear pattern and the anti-clockwise rotation.

Puch regular E50

A picture of the Korado transfers:

Korado engine transfers

The Korado pedal start clutch:

Korado pedal start clutch

Korado kick/pedal start clutch bell:

Korado kick/pedal start clutch bell