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Background / Overview

The JCPenney Pinto was a moped imported for sale in the JCPenney catalog from the Austrian manufacturer Kromag, with a Puch E50 engine. The Pinto was the top of the line for the JCPenney moped models, the Swinger being the lower-cost model. All Pintos have a chromed tank, a 40mph speedometer, and stainless steel fenders.

The Pinto2 was even more expensive, although the only difference between the Pinto and the Pinto2 was the addition of Snowflake mag wheels (which were recalled for faulty brakes), and a slightly longer, re-designed seat. The Pitno2 was available in silver or black, while the standard Pinto was available in red or yellow. All models featured decals on the tank stating the model name, and a sticker on the flywheel indicating the horsepower rating. Like all American Puch mopeds, they were available in 1, 1.5, and 2hp ratings.

Owners of the Pinto will find the Puch repair manual from '80/'81 to have matching engine, wiring, carburetor, and timing settings information. Fans of the Pinto applaud that it is "solid and lightweight."

Service Manual

The manual can be downloaded at

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