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Husqvarna is a Swedish manufacturer that produced weapons, motorcycles, and mopeds. They built their their first moped, the Novolette, in 1952. This first model was essentially a bicycle with a bolted-on 40cc engine. The engine was later enlarged to 44cc and fitted with a two speed gearbox as an option.

Sometime around 1956-57 came the second model, the Roulette, which got its name from the induction system via a rotary slide valve. It was difficult to increase the power significantly from 0.8 hp, but it was a reliable and very good-looking moped designed by the well-known designer Sixten Sason. It was available both as two and three speed (very rare) versions. Some other models followed, such as the Cornette and the scooter-moped Corona.

In 1963, Monark Crescent and Husqvarna formed MCB. Husqvarna manufactured all(?) engines for the different MCB models, like the recently developed E-engine. Some enthusiasts believe that 1962 was the last year for the "real" Husqvarna mopeds, although the name lived for some years on.