How To Remove The Carburetor From A Vespa Moped

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Removing a Dellorto carburetor from a Vespa moped for the first time can be a difficult task. This beginner's guide will walk you through the steps (and in the proper order) to easily remove the carb from inside the sub frame.

If you have sidecovers or a cover on the step thru they will, obviously, need to be removed first.

1. Remove the splash plate from the under the sub frame. Most people opt to leave this off. It's unnecessary and makes it easier to get to the carb in the future.

2. From the top of the sub frame, loosen the hose clamp screw on the air filter.

3. Pop the air filter off and remove through the bottom of the sub frame. This will provide you with enough room to maneuver the carb body free.

4. Remove the screw from top of the banjo (the nozzle that is connected to the fuel line) from the carb with a flat head screwdriver. Watch for the banjo filter and gasket, they tend to fall to the floor when you pull the banjo free from the carb body.

5. Enter from the side of the sub frame with a 8mm nut driver and loosen the carburetor clamp bolt.

6. Wedge a screwdriver in-between the carb body and the engine case and wiggle the carb free.

7. Loosen the two screws holding the top of the carb on. Pull the throttle cable and top of carb free from the carb.

8. Remove the carburetor through the bottom of the sub frame.