Honda Urban Express Shock Absorber

An almost direct replacement for a Honda Urban Express shock absorber is a shock absorber for a Honda CFR 50/70, XR 50/70 Monoshock Pit Bike. The stock Urban is 9” (eyelet to eyelet) and I ran across this one which is basically a stock replacement for $24 and it’s 10” E to E, which is acceptable. The stock Honda has 1 1/2” travel and these have 2 1/2”.

It’s a hydraulic /air shock with a progressive spring and 5 preload settings, in a nice gold anodize tone. You have to use a monoshock for the correct weight/dampening and this one carries my 200lb ass through the dips like a dream on the the softest setting. It’s substantial but fits well and you don’t notice the 1” additional length, especially sitting on it as it compresses right down. The bolt holes and length are the same so there’s no mods involved.

See pics on MA search: Urban Shocking!

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