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Stock Exhaust

Cleaning the Stock Exhaust

The service manual tells us to remove the bolt, and clean away. Note - if your tools is not at least 4-1/2" long, it won't reach far enough to do the job.

Others recommend (and I do too), putting the exhaust inside a pile of charcoal briquets (sp?) and then light them up. Wait until the muffler itself is glowing a nice red or red/orange, then take it out. After it has cooled down, then tap the exhaust on all sides, and the carbon can fall out.

What's Inside this Exhaust Anyway?

One Sunday afternoon, being bored, I thought - I'm going to cut apart an exhaust and find out what's inside. The following pictures speak for themselves.

Exhaust 01.jpg

Exhaust 02.jpg

Exhaust 03.jpg

Exhaust 04.jpg

Exhaust 08.jpg

Exhaust 09.jpg

Exhaust 10.jpg

Exhaust 05.jpg

Exhaust 06.jpg

It has been suggested that the muffler's outlet pipe should be made round. The thought is that when made round, it will increase performance. This picture shows that there is an internal pipe, between the two chambers of the muffler, that has a much smaller inside diameter (see the red circle on the right above) when compared to the muffler's outlet pipe (see the red circle on the left above). You can make yours round, but don't expect any performance increases (unless your outlet pipe was crimped almost shut).

Exhaust 07.jpg

Performance Exhaust

Proma Country Pipe (designed for a Puch)

OK, I was tired of waiting for a “designed for the Hobbit/Camino” pipe to show up (either for sale or used), so I decided to try grafting a cheap pipe onto my Hobbit.

I bought a Proma Country pipe (for a Puch) from for $60 plus shipping.

Proma Country.jpg

Overall View Left Side.jpg

Rear Pipe Mount.jpg

Pipe Top View.jpg

Pipe Weld.jpg

Parts Cut from stock pipe.jpg

The results are good. My town is full of hills. On the last ride (with the stock exhaust), my Hobbit would only pull 20 MPH up a certain hill. On my trial ride (no “dialing in the jet yet”), my Hobbit pulled 27 MPH!

Top speed? Don’t know for sure yet. I could only go about 28MPH (I weight about 250 lbs) on flat and level. So far, on a short straigt, it went 33 or 34 MPH indicated. It may have more in it on a longer straight.

From a stop, I think it lost a tiny bit, but once it is about 5 to 7 MPH, it certainly starts pulling harder than it used to. I’m thinking that I may lighten my variator weights some, since it seems like this would also help acceleration (the new powerband peak seems slightly higher than before).

Downside: The center stand does hit the pipe, preventing it from folding to the fully-up position. Not a big deal for me.

I view this experiment as worth while. If it’ll get a little faster when I match the jet to the pipe, even better. My goal was midrange torque/pulling power, and this goal was met.

One last problem remains: this mod means that I can easily outpull my sons Hobbit in town. He won’t be happy. I’m thinking about grafting a Technigas on his . . . .

LeoVince (designed for a Hobbit)



Eric's Review

Just to start I would like to point out that my bike was performing properly before the Leovince, I could hit 30mph on a flat. I also used a gps to measure these speed.

I slapped the pipe on right when I got home from work. Does hurt the low end, but I usually peddle like crazy until I hit 10mph so it doesn’t bug me. Very good acceleration after 10mph. I hit 38mph on the longest flat I could find, if it was longer I think I would have gone faster.

I hit about 43mph going down hill but then I lost all power and the rear wheel locked up (soft seized I think) and I nearly killed my self (luck no one was behind me). I pull over and it fired a couple times then died. Started right back up about a minute later. I need to upjet, I advise everyone with this pipe to upjet or at least do a plug chop.

Here is the best part, I can cruise at 30mph with only using about 1/4 throttle.

Brad's Review

A definite increase in performance over stock. I was hitting about 26, not sure if my 220lbs or a lack of cleanliness in the carb was limiting me. With the LeoVince, I’ve hit about 33. A +7mph gain from where I was.

I’m hoping a carb cleaning, and possibly new rings (125psi comp) might increase my performance even more.

Bottom line: The LeoVince Camino pipe is well worth it!

Ben's Review

I never used the pipe on the stock setup (PA50 I, 20mph). Over the winter, I put a 70cc Athena kit, variator plate and wieghts, 21mm phbg kit, performance reeds and ported the block. Tuned and dialed in (96 jet) , it does 49-50 (chase car). It will cruise 40 all day at about 1/3 throttle. Stock gears. Gets about 45 mpg give or take. Initial take off is a little weak. i kind of have to push off with my feet but it picks up after about 5 mph and really starts pulling at 20-45. I weigh 205 so if you don’t exceed the bikes rated limits by 55 lbs, the take off probably wouldn’t be an issue.

Overall, I am very pleased with the pipe. Its built solidly, it looks decent, and performs awesome for my driving needs. Get one.

Justin's Review

It mounted up flawlessly and looks great. The expansion seems slightly larger in diameter compared to my old Proma Circuit.

First impression… QUIET! That is, compared to my really loud, leaky Proma.

My verdict, the Proma has better mid-range, and top end… I got 52 mph with the Leo Vince and 54 mph with the Proma. I do however like the solid construction of the Leo and plan to run it for a while. I’ll also shorten the pipe on the rear (just a bit) to bring the silencer closer to the expansion like the Proma.

I also plan to drill out the rivets and remove the baffle material, then re-rivet.

Just my .02 about my experience with the Leo Vince so far…

Kawasaki KX80 Pipe

KX80 Pipe Mod.jpg

Good top end without much loss in the low. Its a noped right now, but still takes everyone else in denver off the line. Im working on one for a minerelli (motron) right now, haven't been able to ride it yet but bench tests prove very high rpm's.

Pit Bike Pipe

Pit Bike Pipe on Hobbit 01.jpg

Pit Bike Pipe on Hobbit 02.jpg

Pit Bike Pipe on Hobbit 03.jpg

Pit Bike Pipe on Hobbit 04.jpg

K & R Tech's Review

XXXX Review

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