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Stator Tests

NOTE: These measurements were taken from good spares. They are not factory acceptance test numbers. I would expect that anything close is good, but something way off (like good is 1.8 and yours is 25) is bad.

ALSO: I had to measure several times to get consistent results. Don't just measure once, measure often, and once the readings are stable, use them.

1978 to 1980

Resistance measurements for a stator (measured with the points open):

Wire Color Wire Color Resistance (ohms)
Red Green 1.8
Red Yellow 2.4
Green Yellow 1.2
Black/White Green 1.8
Green Frame (ground) 0.0

1981 to 1984

Resistance measurements for a stator and CDI pickup:

Wire Color Wire Color Resistance (ohms)
Blue/Yellow Green 33
Yellow White 1.2
Yellow Green 1.1
White Green 0.5
Black/Red Green 231
Green Frame (ground) 0.0

Coil testing sequence

Hobbit coil testing sequence.jpg


Spec Value
Volts 6 Volt
Amps 4 Amp
Size 4"- x 1.875" x 3.75"
Type 6N4B-2A-5

Batteries Plus: At Batteries Plus they now have a universal battery that replaces the older model. Model #: XT6N4B-2A-UNV

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