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Many of the orphaned pages have categories already. I assume those will suffice for links?

Yeah, I think the categories are good enough for a lot of those pages. I mean, I'm sure some of them could be linked to in other articles, but there are a lot of them where it's kind of like, "Where the heck would you make a link to that?" Most of those should be categorized, so people will find them if they know where to look. A list of uncategorized pages can be found here if you want to check that. I've gone through that list in the past, and most of the stuff is old versions of pages that are now organized differently (like the Honda stuff), or it's something that doesn't really have/need a category (like "red links"), or I couldn't tell if it really belonged in the wiki, so I just kind of neglected to categorize it (like "Blackball"). I've probably missed some articles that could be categorized though. --Mycider 00:25, 6 April 2009 (EDT)

what i've found is the "what links here" for removing the orphan tag. not only adding the orphan to a catagory, but linking to the orphan from another page.

tackling the Uncategorized pages / images lists is the real rainy day stuff do i ask where the delete button is?