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Greetings, and welcome to the Moped Wiki! The following is a guide intended to help new users and editors figure out this whole “wiki” thing. The Moped Wiki is a great resource to help people learn about, repair, or modify their mopeds, and it will only continue improving with additional contributions – contributions that YOU make!

For Users

So, what is this whole "wiki" thing?

Well, someone doesn’t beat around the bush much, eh? A wiki is, to put it simply, a collection of knowledge where each contributor has added what they know. ( What I Know Is… is a backronym for “wiki”). Because anyone can create or edit articles, each person’s knowledge builds off another person’s knowledge, and this eventually forms a comprehensive bank of information. Unlike traditional websites, a wiki is not governed by one person’s ideas or knowledge. On a wiki, the visitors are the ones who determine the content of the pages.

How do I use the wiki?

Here are some miscellaneous notes about wiki usage that you might find helpful.

Finding articles

You can find articles of interest several ways.

  1. Use the category structure linked on the main page to sort through articles in an area of interest.
  2. Search for key words. See the searching help page for more info.
  3. Follow link trails from one article to the next.
  4. Use the “What links here” feature (in the toolbox on the left-side menu bar) to see which articles mention the article you’re currently looking at.

Red links

Sometimes you’ll come across links in articles that are red (red links). These are red because the article that is linked has not been written yet – it is essentially a link to a nonexistent page. However frustrating this might be when you’re trying figure something out, it’s actually a good thing. This way, when someone does finally write the previously nonexistent article, other articles will already link to it. This saves someone from having to hunt down and link all the pertinent instances of that article later.


There are lots of articles in this wiki that are stubs – that is to say, very short articles that could be expanded to include more information. These articles are marked with a colorful note that says “This article is a stub. You can help the Moped Wiki by expanding it.” In their current state, these articles might not provide as much information as you’d like, but hopefully someone (or you!) will expand them later and get the knowledge party bumpin’!

A list of all stubs can be found here: Stubs

Talk pages

99% of the pages on the wiki have a talk page. These talk pages are a great place to put suggestions for improvement, questions, comments, or to discuss improvements/additions/differences of opinion with other users. If you have info to add to the article, by all means, do so. However, if you’re questioning something or you’d like input from others before changing the article, the talk page is the place to do it. Remember to sign your comments by putting 4 tildes (~~~~) after your comment.

Hey! The links jump around when I click on them!

Have you tried Firefox?

For Editors

So, you want to tinker with the wiki, do you? EXCELLENT! The more tinkerers ... erm, EDITORS we have, the better this resource will be. A wiki isn’t a “too many cooks in the kitchen” kind of thing; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. If everyone added what they know to the wiki, the wiki would contain all known knowledge about mopeds. That was really redundant, but you get the point, don’t you?

One of the core principles of any wiki is that editors (you!) should BE BOLD in editing. See something wrong? Be bold and change it. Is someone’s bad grammar driving you nuts? Be bold and correct it. Is an article disorganized and jumbled up? Be bold and rearrange it. Don’t be afraid that you’re going to mess anything up – if you do, it can easily be reverted to a previous version. More likely than not, though, you’re going to be doing a valuable service for everyone who reads the page after you.

An important note about edits: Edits are not meant to be a personal attack on whoever originally wrote or last edited the page. If someone fixes your grammar or changes parts of an article you contributed to, they are NOT saying, "Your grammar sucks," or "Dude, you’re totally wrong about this." They are only trying to improve the wiki for the greater good of moped kind. So please, don’t take edits personally. See the reverting help page for more information on this subject.

Getting started

A great place to start learning about editing is the help pages. Here you’ll find information about

All of that might be a lot of information to digest at once, but the best way to learn it is to do. Truthfully, it’s a lot like mopeds: You’ll only learn so much by reading how to clean your carburetor. If you really want to know how to clean it, you have to actually do it. Start small and work your way up! Just like most people don’t begin working on mopeds by rebuilding an engine, you don’t have to start your wikiventures with lengthy tables or fancy templates or anything crazy.

PLEASE use the Show preview button to test out your changes before you save the page. This will allow you to correct any mistakes you’ve made, change how the article looks, and see how changing the wiki markup changes the actual article, all while keeping the recent changes and article history clean and short.

I’m pretty awesome. Can I make a page about me?

Of course you can. Look at the top left corner of the page, right under the red "Moped Army" logo. You’ll see a box that says, "Personal tools." The first link in this box will be your user name, and if you’re asking this question, it’s probably red. Click on that red link. Now you can edit your page with whatever information about yourself that you’d like to share or declare.

And, because you’re awesome, don’t forget to add this to your page:

{{Template:User Awesome}}

You can also check the userbox category for other boxes to spice up your page.

Ideas and Suggestions

Do you have any ideas or suggestions for this page? Could something be explained better? Is there a topic that’s missing that you’d like to know more about? Do you still have questions? If it’s something you can fix, please do so! Otherwise, leave a note on the talk page.

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