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Los Angeles, Ca Silverlake/Echo Park
Official branch?No
RalliesFlock Yeah II (Spring, 2009)

The HalfWits: 2 stroking your Girlfriend! Believers in the Holy trinity of Moped: Air, Fuel, Sparks. A Longtime group of friends uniting under the rising sign of the moped. We are an enigmatic malgamation of Artist, Designers, and Creatives ready to dip our wax covered hands in glass and see what we pull out. You haven't partied til you party with a Halfwit. You might be a halfwit and not even know it. Daily riders, not no weekend wheelers. We build our bikes fast and tough and then thrash them for giggles. You might have seen Brian broken down, or Jed jump shifting his tomos. You might not of seen Ninja Dan in all black on the worlds quietest tomos or Carson and that blue rocket he calls a tomos, Jay rips and if your ever stranded in the wilderness he is the only guy to have around plus he rips, no lie, But the founding members of the HalfWits are a permanent installation to the Los Angeles Scenery. Find us ripping mulholland or bombing sunset like a wild pack of dimwits basically disturbing the peace while riding the crease and dodging police. We are no haters either, if youre fun we will ride. We try to attend Myrons Rides, Flock Yeah. We are trying to make it San Fran to bomb your streets too.