Guns, The

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The Guns are a Moped Army branch out of Ann Arbor, MI that oficially became a branch on September 8, 2002. With the proximity of the Dearborn branch Noviy Lef, The Guns had nearby neighbors to ride with, and at one point, Noviy Lef tried to absorb The Guns. However, by the end of 2005, the majority of the members of Noviy Lef moved near Ann Arbor. As a result, the two branches became one in May of 2006. The Guns name was retained for historical sake, and the Noviy Lef logo was kept for its bold design.

The Guns co-hosted Red October 2 and will host Red October 3 in October 2006. The Guns ride on Sunday evenings, and have been meeting in Ypsilanti recently, as Ypsilanti has become the center of attention for The Guns and Burger club.

Also Notable is R, long known as "The Gun", as the Guns neared death about a year after their induction into the moped army. The branch identity changed quickly as the organization became more thorough and dictatorial. Rides and meetings at Leopold Brothers Brewery on Sunday nights became a tradition and so the Guns were reborn. R. also brags about himself too much.

The Guns look forward to Zombie attack and long walks on the beach.

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