Good Sellers Vs Bad Sellers

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This page was created to provide some background information on people with whom you may be interested in conducting business. You may contribute to it by posting your buying experience with a particular person.

If you wish to add a new person to this list, you will see a template of sorts in the wiki code. Make a copy of it and fill in the relevant information. If the name has been posted once, simply add a comment to their existing entry.

Granted that everyone can edit and delete names and such. It is recommended that you check the revisions for such deletions. If you attempt to remove yourself from this page, the information will be reverted and a note will be added informing others that you have attempted a censoring. If you feel there is an unjust claim made here, contact the person who made the claim and ask them to remove it. If that fails, make your edit but leave a detailed comment in the 'summary' field before submitting.

Bad Sellers

Brian Berends

  • AKA: bberends
  • Email:
  • Location: Toledo, Ohio
  • Comments:
    • Sold me some urban express parts for quite a fair price except that they never arrived or as far as I can tell were ever shipped. There were lots of apologies for the delay, but never any confirmation that anything was shipped. This is the situation since 08/13/2012 - César

Carter Denny

  • AKA: carterd
  • Email:
  • Location: Zanesville, OH
  • Comments:
    • Sold an "Airsal kit for a35 motor. Used. The 65cc one." to me for $61. I got it and it looked like shit. Yep, looks like a stud stripped out, then it was drilled crooked, then broke part of the exhaust port flange off, then used JB weld to put a new stud in, but shorter and crooked AND JB welded an exhaust gasket and paper towel in it. (References: 1 2 3 4 5 6) - Jake P
  • Notes:
    • GOOD REVIEW: Sold me two Tomos A3 complete mags. Shipped quickly, arrived as described. I have no problem with seller. -Mike Boyd

Chris Gatton

  • AKA: defconc
  • Comments:
    • Ripped me off $40 for E50 cases ported for polini. NEVER send any paypal payment as "gift" you will not be able to file a claim with paypal. - David Linehan
  • Notes:


  • AKA: puchu1980
  • Comments:
    • Never sent his half of a trade. I mailed him an almost-new 70cc hihi comp head and never received the e50 clutch I was promised. Takes 3 or 4 pms to get a response and then it's usually "sorry" or "i forgot". Says the box got lost in the mail. After I got pissed off he said he'd send me money when he had some. Then he offered someone else $400 for a moped in the buy/sell and made a few other posts about buying parts. - Max Ramos

Daniel Omri Rivera

Daniel P. Larosa

  • AKA: dannyboy727, njdan
  • Email:
  • Location: Kenilworth, NJ
  • Comments:
    • I purchased a fully restored and nice moped from a small company in New Jersey that buys and restores and refurbishes mopeds. D&S Mopeds (Daniel P. Larosa and his partner, Steve) Dan is a member here. They seemed nice fellows and very amicable, but there is a problem. I have found out that the moped that I purchased was purchased by them from somebody that didn't own them and was the son of a man that was storing his mopeds. The paperwork that I got from them was inaccurate (bogus) and I have had contact with the original owner that told me that he was told that the mopeds were discarded and he wasn't happy about, but he wasn't going to get after his friend. Then he was surprised when he found out that the bike is still on the road. It turns out that I went back to D&S and have made over 20 phone calls and text messages and several emails to them and I'm getting a run around and promises and now I hear from Steve that tells me that this is my problem and if I don't want to ride the bike anymore that I should just sell it for parts. There were a total of three bikes in that batch that they bought and all three were sold by them to different customers. I have had further interactions on line with Dan Larosa and he has been arrogant nasty and insulting. When I told him that I would be reporting him to the authorities, he told me to go ahead because he had friends that were detectives and I wouldn't get anywhere. - Jeffrey Webb
  • Notes:

David Christianson

Garret, Scott Behm

Jacob Miller

  • AKA: jaymill
  • Email:
  • Location: Snohomish, WA
  • Comments:
    • He took my money for what he claimed were mint parts. 'minty vario covers' (original thread for reference,2918933,2918933#msg-2918933). He didn't send the parts. I e-mailed him. He said he'd send the parts. He didn't. I opened a PayPal dispute just before the 45 day claim period was up. He still didn't send the parts. I escallated the dispute to a claim after giving him a week. He finally sent the parts. I get them 2 months later and they are anything buy mint. One of two covers will work. The second cover is trash. Buyer Beware. - sk8bones

Ken King

  • Comments:
    • Bought an A3 flywheel off him in Sept '11. Said his motor went missing and refunded my money. PM's me 3 days later saying his neighbor stole the motor and he got it back. Said I could still have the flywheel if I wanted. So I paypal'd him at the same address as I did before. He e-mails me the next day saying to paypal him under a new paypal e-mail address because his account is under review from paypal because someone has a claim out on him. He says he can't refund me because his account is locked. Refused to communicate further. I can't cancel the payment because I sent as personal payment by accident instead of for services. Do not buy from this kid. Very shady. - Chris Driscoll
    • I Bought an A3 motor from him and was told I was going to get tracking info on it the next day. I waited a week no emails or anything so I filed a claim on him and got a nasty reply saying I was trying to scam him. He decided to get a new Paypal and, when I won the claim I was only refunded half of my money! Deal with him at your own risk. - Robbie Meek

Nick Ebert

  • AKA: sfcmtz
  • Email:
  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Comments:
    • Made lots of posts about different things for sale. Had pictures etc. Sent him a partial payment for a part. Said he would get back to me the next day with a shipping quote and never did. Two weeks later I'm filing a paypal claim. He's been talking to people I know about other parts he has "for sale" just yesterday which would put him still talking to others but not responding to me at 2 weeks. I sent multiple emails, made a very cordial post trying to get in touch with him on MA and waited very patiently. NOTHING. People in SF say they aren't familiar with him. He's continuing to log into MA but still not responding to me. DO NOT send Nick Ebert any money. If you do certainly do not send it as a gift, send it as payment for goods so you have recourse - Deadped Ryan
    • Ditto. Time to flame this guy since he is doing the same thing here. Sent him $60 for a hobbit crank and seals, no response, no reply to e-mail. Sad way to run your life kid! - (Casserollers) Kaptain Kim

Robert Brinck

  • AKA: Mopedparts, Robbie B
  • Email:
  • Location: Lafayette, NJ
  • Comments:
    • Beware of this guy. I Listed a request for some Tomos parts and he PMd me right away. Had a few day long conversation via PM and ironed out details. Sent him a Postal Money Order to cover cost. Only sent MO because of the low price for the random parts. Received confirmation of receipt of payment and have spent 2 months trying to get the parts. No longer acknowledges emails, PMs or phone calls. Payed another seller for the parts after waiting 7 weeks with no response to any attempted contact. All I want is my money back. - Kevin Carl
    • I can't believe I just got here to put this guy's name on the list and he's already here. Fuckin' A. Same deal, I spent a while conversing back and forth with him and he assured me over the phone that he was a "stand up guy" and wasn't going to screw me over. That should have been the first warning sign. He also "didn't have a camera" so he couldn't take a picture of the engine he was selling me (even though he has two pictures in his profile), warning sign number two. Finally he doesn't do paypal because he was "screwed over" in the past and therefore only takes money orders. In any case, he sent me the engine, but it was completely seized, rusted, and useless. He said it was in good condition and came off a running bike... honestly, if he was planning on fucking me over like this, why even spend the money to ship the engine? This guy is really a piece of work. All I want is my money back. - Joseph Gummer
    • Yep, this guy is a sham. Told me he had a rear wheel for an AMF roadmaster, wanted $50 for it. Would only take money order. Talked to him on the phone, insisted that we should stay in touch cause he runs a moped shop too. "Ya know, so if we ever need parts we can call each other!". Sent him a money order, took a while for me to see anything in the mail. So i emailed him, inquired as to whether or not he sent the part, and he told me he had just received the money order that day, and would ship the wheel out. Never got the wheel. Have been sending reminder emails every week or so and he does not respond. Anyone still got his number? I'd love to call him and annoy him regularly. - Stephen Pamboukes @ Port City 'Peds
    • I bought an A3 engine, took 4 months for me to eventually get him to drop it off at a friends house, who brought it to me. - Aaron Fowler
  • Notes:

Sam Babcock

  • AKA: puchlovr
  • Location: Cincinnati, OH
  • Comments:
    • Bought a v1 motor from him. I asked him if it had a needle bearing or brass bushing. He told me needle bearing. I received the motor and it had a brass bushing and it had been damaged in shipping due to quite possibly, the worst packaging job on the face of the planet. It had been wrapped in one single layer of the most thin bubble wrap you can find. Cylinder studs had not been removed so they were bent. Fan stuff was floating around in the box so the fan items were cracked/broken. I asked for a $50 refund to replace all of the broken parts, he offered me $20 (if you can find a used, in good shape v1 fan for $20 let me know!) which I accepted because I was tired of dealing with him. Good communication skills but absolutely lacking in the shipping/packaging department. - Ryan N.

Steve Huffman

  • AKA: 240punk, hellamopeds, poochypuch, SteveOH, sTv, SteveOH, "Sam Huffman"
  • Email:
  • Facebook:
  • Location: Tustin, CA; Austin, TX
  • Possible Picture: link
  • Comments:
    • Transaction is a no go and still has my money for a dellorto carb and airbox. Seems to be on site daily but doesn't answer e-mails or responds. Send me my money! claims it cost to much to ship. should have thought of that before ripping people. This isn't charity Stevo. Dated 04/25/2011 - Double
    • It is now May 6, no mail, no money. This guy is a real putz. Beware of shoddy dealings. Lists here under SteveOH or sTv, 240 punk, poochypuch, Sam Huffman. Do not deal with him, you will lose your money! Another week we are now at May 21st, still a douche. - Double
    • NOW HAS A NEW HANDLE ... STEPHEN H OR hellamopeds. Still has my money as of July 25th., Aug 15th, still nothing from this fuck. Sept 9 hope he rots if fucking hell. Nov 4 the fuck stick is still out there scamming people. - Double
    • WARNING!! WARNING!! WARNING!!! Don't every buy peds parts from STEVE HUFFMAN . Becaues you will never get them. I paid for a streetmate swingarm never got it !!! SO STEVE BURN IN HELL my friend - Ron Sparaco

To this day the fuck still is a scam artist. 11/21/12. Be forwarned!

Steven Marrero

  • AKA: tomos5050
  • Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • Comments:
    • Paid for some tools. Never got them. Had one pm from him saying he forgot and they would go out the next day. Still have not received them or had any response from him. - Speed Racer
    • Paid for a carb and intake, talked to him through texting for a bit, once I started asking about the parts no responses. Been over a month now. - Steve Dethrow

Tyler Pisch

  • AKA: pisch24
  • Email:
  • Location: Nashport, OH
  • Comments:
    • Sold me a headlight in the exact opposite condition as described. Took me 4.5 weeks to get it and I only live 2 states away from him. When I finally received it I tried getting a refund and he wouldn't communicate with me. I let PayPal take care of it. I looked in his profile and he's only 15. Which explains a lot. Probably had to get a ride to the post office from him mom. DO NOT BUY FROM HIM. - Mike Piarowski
  • Notes:

"Viv Ache"

  • AKA: negativecweep
  • Location: Orlando, FL
  • Comments:
    • Another one ripped me off on $85.00 for a bottom end e50 and a pinto seat. great guy emailed a few times got the money to him and never heard from him again. thanks for contributing to ruining the hobby - Braddd123
  • Notes: "Viv Ache" (negativecweep) has attempted to censor this page to remove claims against himself.

Weak-Ends Tj

  • AKA: demsin79
  • Email:
  • Location: Port Saint Lucie
  • Comments:
    • SHIPPING OVERCHARGING AND PRICE BENDING: Sold me Motobecane Malossy Variotop (original thread for reference He was selling it with extra weights for $160-165 shipped in US. Quoted me $32 for shipping to Canada and after negotiations we agreed on the total price of $190 (he wanted $200 at first!). He promised to refund the difference if the shipping was cheaper. He shipped it for $11.60 without tracking # and refused to refund the difference telling me that: “You live in Canada and that changed things.” So, it changed the price for the part and price for shipping? Simple calculation: starting price ($165) minus max for shipping in US (about $7) equals to $158 profit. For $190 shipped got profit of $178.4 – just ripped another 20 bucks off me for used variator (even with extra weights)! As for the part – it’s in good used condition, but not excellent as stated in description: it has a few scratches on cheeks and tool-marks from mounting-dismounting, shaft has a blue spot from overheating and the ID of bushing is well worn. Liar. People beware! - Matt S
    • In Response To The Above Crap: I get an email from this guy saying he wants to buy the variotop + weights for $165 shipped. He explained he was in Canada. I said shipping would be an approx. amount because I looked it up on my phone quick. If anyone has ever shipped to Canada you know there are papers and shipping anything over 4lbs is expensive as hell. The amount I gave was a medium international flatrate box for $32.95 and shipping priority was ~$36. I shipped it as a parcel because it was cheaper @$12. The paypal fee was $8, so the shipping and fee was ~$20.

      I have way to many good selling experiences to let one guy crying over $10 bring me down. Whatevs..I wont ship to Canada ever again because of this idiot.

      I also marked the item as a gift instructed by him. I'm sure there is a gain by doing that and he wouldn't tell me what it is. If so then he really has nothing to complain about.

      I just went onto the Canadian Customs site and it states there is a tax of $8.50. Just by me marking it as a gift he saved that money. He wouldn't tell you that though because that would mean I didn't rip him off at all. Go cry about $2.50 man, get a hobby. - Weak-Ends TJ
    • In Response To The Above Nonsense You have an obvious problem with logic. I guess, I can call you an idiot too... You never refunded MY money. It doesn’t matter, $2.5 or $20… Taking money and not returning called "I didn't rip him off at all" from now on. You just proved with your own words that you don’t know what the honesty is. - Matt S
    • Matt S, Explain how the customs tax works and tell everyone the money you saved and I'll refund you $2.50. You are butt hurt that you got a practically brand new variotop(I'm sure it is working seamlessly for you) w/weights for cheap. Look at all the emails between you and I. I still have them if you want me to show that we agreed on $190 shipped. Shipping it with tracking number like I said was $36, which I thought it would be $32+tax and I would have had to payed the extra. I know you would not pay the extra would you? You got it none the less cry baby. - Weak-Ends TJ
    • Weak-Ends TJ, Ok, you want the explanation on customs tax? Here it is: when you get NEW goods from international destinations you might get charged by Canadian customs for applicable taxes (lots of exceptions here). In case when you buy USED things from private sellers (opposed to commercial vendors) buyer is not getting charged. But, as a rule, I ask ALL sellers from US to mark my parcels as a gift just in case (customs officers have bad days too). Prove me wrong on that one, if you are so good in searching Canada Customs site.
      Next: we agreed on $190 total only because of $32 shipping. Prove me wrong on that one…
      If you messed up with the quote – let the buyer know first (instead of assuming that I won’t pay an extra $, you’ve never asked), before making a decision to ship it the cheapest way possible and keeping extra $20.
      As for Paypal fees BS – if you not satisfied with profit from your sale, incorporate all the extra fees in the starting price, don’t feed me with that crap after you messed up.
      I won’t remove the bad feedback from here if you don’t refund all the difference you owe me. $20 will do. - Matt S
  • Notes:

Good Sellers

Adam Lohner

  • adamlohner: [1]
  • Email:
  • Location: Grand Rapids
  • Comments:


Truly the best. Quality and reasonable pricing. Highly recommended. Will buy from again. Great packaging as well. Thanks Angelo.

    • Amazing seller. He'll find you everything you need, pack it up to withstand any brutality and abuse involved in international shipping and all at a too good to be true price. If you need those hard to find Italian parts, Angelo is hands down the best! And you get some really neat stamps for your collection too. - Tomtom_bp
    • Freaking amazing service this guy has the best communication and skills with finding parts he got me a variator that looked brand new out of the factory. I wasnt even expecting that. I cant thank him enough. He th "g f$@;$;"g best. - Zacarias Aviles
    • This guy is absolutely great. Needed some parts for a 79 Ciao that I could not find in the UK. He emailed me photos to make sure I was getting what I wanted. Great price and superb packaging. Would definitely use him again for any bits I need. - Martin Black
    • Angelo just shipped a hard to find part to the states for me. Like the previous posts mention -- this guy is an amazing seller. He has great communication and can get the job done right. He also did an excellent job on the packaging. Angelo gets my highest recommendation! - Ryan Westphal
    • One more here to recommend Angelo. Great; price, communication, parts description, packaging, and fast shipping! Was able to get me every part I needed plus they were NOS! Thanks again mang - preeesh
    • Angelo sent me an awesome exhaust for my minarelli and packed it up super tight. the exhaust was a great deal and in excellent condition. i will definitely check with him next time i can't find a part. my moped is awesome now. Thanks. - Jason Lafontaine
    • Angelo is the best! I got a rare polini kit for a morini M01 shipped from Italy in less than 2 weeks for a great price. Awesome customer service, genius packaging, excellent communication. I would definitely do business with him again. - Ryan Epp
    • I can't say enough about Angelos customer service. Not only was everything shipped as discussed, priced reasonably, and packaged impeccably, but his after the sale service went far and beyond. This is definitely a guy you can trust. Great source for Garelli parts! - Phillip Meisinger


"A Boy Named Britchez, Jon Hart"

  • Great seller, awesome prices, good shipping/ package, and threw in some extras!!! I would give great referral and use agian.


Brad Smith

  • Sold me a super good condition Magnum seat. Provided loads of good quality pictures that showed the exact quality. Was honest about a tiny tear, and a slight dent on the pan. He even went out of his way at WizBiz5 to track me down and deliver it to me. Also he did all of this for about half the price that people sell ratty magnum seats for. - *Radium City* Joshua

Brian Berends

Chris Straub

  • Sold me korado side covers. Excellent parts, well packaged, excellent communication and fast shipping. Sent them insured and delivery confirmation. Thank you! - Joe Church

Dan Ackroyd

  • Sold Me A Dellorto 15/15 Fast Shipping And Looks Like New Great Seller!!! - Robbie Meek

Daniel Mol

Dave Sundin

  • AKA: 5stringz
  • Sold me a general 5-star tail light. The guy ships faster than treats! - Kevin

Don hale

Drew Bell

  • shipped parts fast! fair price! My bike is now complete! Great seller of moped type items. - Jason Kluczyk

Dylan Lanier "Degadylan"

  • Bought a qt50 tank and some other parts from me. Paid promptly, super smooth transaction. Great communication the whole way. Would def do business with again! -britchez

Ed Exline

  • AKA: Mopagen
  • General Approval - Kevin
  • Always the best. Great packing, fast shipping, quality parts. He stands behind his work and the products he sells. If you buy from him and some part isnt functioning any longer (unless you were silly and broke it yourself out stupidity), definitely drop him a line and see how great he is. I bought way too many minarelli parts from him - Tomtom_bp
  • Best guy i have ever done biz with just wish he would make more clutch springs. i have bought several items from ed and there is no better person to do biz with. thanks! - Mad Mike
  • The best!! - Nash
  • Shipped me some badass springs for my M1 clutch for free. I didn't even ask for them. He asked me if I wanted some springs for my clutch, and sent them. What a sweetie! - Mars
  • Great great packaging. Go me a flywheel and stator in 3 days DURING the hurricane. - Patrick Andrews

Greg Mathews

  • AKA: Gregsqueeb
  • I ordered a used doppler ER3 variator from Greg. He sent it in the original box, with all the original weights, paperwork, etc. all in great shape. Super honest seller and shipped parts immediately. - Brian Rogers

Ian Rose

  • Sold me a 65CC kit at a reasonable price including shipping, Kit was in my mailbox before we even hung up. Answered many more of my questions than I had a right to ask. Parts were right service was very good, I would buy from Ian again anytime - Ken Mullis

J Blank

  • AKA: J Weatherspoon
  • Sold me some korado parts, nice packing, fair trade price, rad dude! - Jason Kluczyk

Jamie NJ

  • Sold me a Honda Express cylinder head. Shipped quickly. - Tom Pall

Jason Kluczyk

  • Sold Me some hobbit parts awhile back. Got my parts the next day somehow. Great seller and trombone player.
  • Purchased a 12t V1 sprocket and he shipped it asap. - Dohmer
  • Bought a kit, intake and a couple heads. Fast payment, Good guy. - Josh Koelker

Jason Thibodeau

  • AKA: MopedJay
  • General Approval - Kevin

Jayson Sumpter

  • AKA: jayson_sumpter
  • Sold me some parts for my QT. Communication was excellent and within a few hours of sending paypal I had a tracking number for my parts that arrived two days later extremely well packed. Would not hesitate to make more purchaes with him. - Kingkong85

Jesse Bechtold

  • Bought a Puch 15T front sprocket and trade a Tomos motor for a Moby VLX rolling frame. Great seller and would buy from him again. - Weak-Ends TJ
  • General Approval - Kevin

I've done a ton of both buy and sell with This guy and he's always been great.

James Dashley

  • AKA: jimmy
  • Bought an A35 cdi for cheap from him. Shipped it priority and kept in contact and no funny business. - Weak-Ends TJ

Joel Dohmer

  • AKA: Dohmer
  • Sent out items when he said he would. Included insurance and tracking number. Packaged it like he was shipping a live baby. - Straubzilla
  • Packaged with care & sent out prompt. Extra goodies included! Macguyver could probably sail the Altantic with all the extras & bubblewrap.
  • Thanks Joel! Best MA purchase yet. - curbcast

Joey G. (Gautheri)

  • Got a mikuni carb and intake, fair price quick ship! [3] Cheers! - Jason Kluczyk

Jon Lohne

  • AKA: justadude
  • Sent out hobbit horn cover and footrests. Shipped quickly and packed with care. -Thomas Pall

Jordan Newren

  • Sent out a taillight, good condition, fair price, well packed in shipping. - Jason Kluczyk

Jordan Weaver

  • Received PA50II variator ramp plate quickly. - [4] Thomas Pall]

Joshua Koelker

  • Sent out with lightning speed! Good packing job! Fair price! Even included a pack of chewing gum! Score! - Jason Kluczyk

Link title===Ken Roff===

  • Sold me a Maxi 2hp open port top end. Recieved exactly what I thought I was buying + he gave me some extra gaskets. I would buy from him again any day of the week. - Weak-Ends TJ
  • I can second Ken as a great seller. Bought a Motomatic destroyer from him. He shipped same day with tracking number. Extremely great guy to deal with. - Anonymous
  • Bought a za50 intake (12mm bored out to ~14mm) for $10 shipped. Got the part in just a couple days, communication was great and the part was exactly as described/pictured. Very pleased with the experience - mindlessmachines
  • Ken has always been my Go to Guy. Reasonable, cheap and reliable - Andrewhed
  • Ken has great communication from beginning till shipment of part(s). great guy. - Dl125
  • Bought a 15mm Bing Carb from him, really great seller sent it out right away. - Vmedin2
  • Bought a Puch 30mph speedo, quick shipping. Would buy from him again. - Csmith1521
  • Got a needle bearing e50 from him and the shipping was super fast and well packed, would def buy from him again - Sinister78
  • It's like he hides by your mailbox until you order parts and then POW! puts them in there, Top Notch seller

Kevin Mueller

  • General Approval - Kevin
  • Bought a Garelli Mag from him, fast shipper + solid merchandise= Good Seller ! - Chaptilius
  • Yet another smooth transaction from ken, bought a tail light, wheel and pedal crank assembly....let me know right away of the exact condition of the items and gave me a good price to boot - [Vmedin2 Victor Medina]

Larry Shaber

  • AKA: MopedLar
  • Excellent guy with a wealth of knowledge about mopeds. I've bought at least 5 bikes from him as well as a whole bunch of parts. Always great to deal with. - Seth Z.

Mad Mike

  • AKA: madmike46
  • Great Seller. Items are as described and he honestly represents what he has. Fair Prices. When i arrived to pick up items he offered me a beer and threw in a bunch of extra parts that we hadnt discussed. Good guy. Have subsequenly purchased more from Mike and will do so again in the future. -Brad Pitt.
  • Bought a PA50II ramp plate from him, shipping was so fast! Buy from this guy. -eobanb
  • i bought several items from him. never a problem. - Kevin
  • Good communication, reasonable prices, fast shipping. Thanks Mike - olazy

Mark Hand

  • General Approval - Kevin
  • Didn't buy from, but sold to this guy. He was impressed with the condition of what i sent him so much, he sent me extra money on paypal to cover shipping to. easily the best online transaction i've ever had. excellent buyer for sure! - A-ko

Max Mojo

Max Ramos

  • AKA: shedonlie
  • Email:
  • Location: Ames, Iowa
  • Comments:
    • Purchased a complete front end (forks, bars, wheel, brake, etc). Max took the time to mock the front end up for me on his bike to confirm fitment. The parts were packed well, and shipped in a timely manner. I was always kept up to date with what was happening, and a tracking number was provided. When one of the parts was damaged in transit(no fault of the seller), Max took the time to file the insurance claim with the shipping company. This guy goes above and beyond!- Jon Ko

Michael Talbert

  • AKA: redbaron
  • Honest dude, quick response to emails, fair prices and ships as fast and as cheap as Treats. - Russell Cullen

Mick R. from the Baltards

  • Gave me a nice price on a nice moby pipe and shipped it quickly, without incident. - Seth Z.

MopeHeads Ethan

  • Great seller. Had what I needed and shipped as promised Thanks Dude - Steven Grant
  • Great seller, fast shipping. - jblank
  • Great seller, got a garelli stator, he tore apart a motor just so I could get the 1 thing I needed..and it was way clean. - Ian McIntosh
  • great person to deal with. Very patient. Would recommend to any one. A-plus. - Speed Racer


  • Shipped same day and got my stuff post haste. Great dude. I found a small flaw in what I got and he refunded me, no problemo. - Funkenet

Rebel Moby

  • Sold me a swingarm from unknown bike in his barn that would fit a Cady and allow 17's, I had to cut it but it worked. - Emerica

Rob Kain

  • Traded some parts and bikes with Rob in the past and he's always great to do business with. - Seth Z.

Rob Meek

  • General Approval - Kevin
  • Fantastic seller. Prompt and honest. easy and painless process. I accidently sent him my old address for a package, and it took about a month for snail mail to return the package to him. But in the end, Rob helped me get my parts, and now my a3 is running like a champ! Thanks dude! - Flat_Beer
  • One great dude to buy and sell from fast shipper parts as described. Thanks! - Mad Mike

Eric Hunt

  • AKA: Speedracer
  • Bought some parts. great price, good packing, not to quick shipping, but got here. thanks. - sam

Raniel Dantic

  • Sold me an mb5 intake, fast ship, no hassle...even sent me a button with purchase! swag! [5] - Jason Kluczyk

Steve Ayche

  • Sold me various PA50 parts, all parts were extremely clean and in GREAT condition, quick to ship, excellent packing, fair pricing. - [Scooterbike]
  • Sold me some Free Spirit stuff. Great price, shipped it off quickly. - Kevin
  • Sold me PA50 Parts, clean well packed, conditions as stated - Emerica
  • Sold me NU50 Centerstand, clean well packed, conditions as stated - Emerica

Steven Hille

  • Sold me PA50 Parts, clean well packed, conditions as stated - Emerica
  • sold me an 1977 Motobecane and some parts. parts were as described. Good seller

Terry Gerker

  • "Sold me a solid Kregler tank" Zach Richards
  • Sold me two tanks for a fair price. fast shipping, excellent packaging. - Tpr950h
  • Sold me pegs. Happy. - Kevin
  • Sold me a front fender, very fast with shipping it out, great seller. - Talrez
  • Sold me some derbi goodness.. very fast shipping, sent a holiday mug for slamming draft beer! -ed aka mopagen

Tim Ostrom

  • Shipped a Puch Tail Light Lens the same day I sent him the payment. Arrived 4 days later in a well-protected package and in good condition. Thanks Tim! - 'user name'

Travis King

  • Motron tail light assembly packaged beautifully and sent through UPS with tracking. Great communication throughout the sale. - Dohmer


  • Location:Harrisburg, PA
  • Comments: I had contact with this gentleman here on Moped Army and he was parting out a Korado moped. I needed another frame for mine (the original had been cut down by the previous owner and I wanted the full size) and wanted the original seat. No sooner had I made payment to Walt, did he pack and ship these two parts complete with paperwork and it arrived at my door less than 48 hours later (that's very quick from that part of PA to Long Island, NY). The items were as described, but even better. I am very pleased with this transaction and grateful to Walt for the respectful and professional way that he conducted himself. This is somebody that I can recommend as a very trustworthy seller. Jeffrey Webb

Weak-Ends Tj

  • Bought an engine from him. He shipped it the same day I paid and it is as good or better than described. I don't know why he's listed as a bad seller, my experience was excellent!
  • Bought a Mikuni carb + custom intake setup for my Tomos targa. excellent goods and experience. deathplaybanjo
  • I bought an E50 from him for a fair price & he shipped it the same day. Doesn't get much better than that. - Mariano Ulibarri
  • bought a e50 cdi, good packing, shipped like he said, communication was excellent. Thanks* - Speedracer692010
  • Bought several stuff. Always a reliable and quick shipper. Parts have been exactly as described with >fair price tags. Straubzilla
  • Bought a Magnum pedal crank from him. The product i received was mint, packaged with care and arrived in a hurry all for a fair price. - *Radium City* Joshua
  • Bought Tomos Forks from T.J. super fast shipping high quality product well packed ignore butt hurt canadians whining about 2 dollars - Chaptilius

William from the Hot n Readyz in Chicago

  • Sold me a 70cc Treats kit. Was super helpful and patient with all my questions. Kit came without delay. - Funkenet