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This page was created to give people a heads up about sellers. You can contribute by posting your buying experience from a certain person. Begin with the name and post the experience with details. If the name has been posted once, comment under that name don't post it again.

Granted that everyone can edit and delete names and such. It is recommended that you check the revisions for such deletions.

Bad Sellers

  • name: David Christianson; email:,; location: sioux falls, SD
-Brad: yep me too 60 bucks on ebrs after I paid him no response and never saw anything-- really great guy, karma will get him, don't buy anything from david
-Dan: David got me for 170 bucks for a gila kit. Then had the audacity to say that since paypal refunded my money, there shouldn't be a problem.. Do not buy from this guy. :See also: [1]
  • name: Chris Gatton - ripped me off $40 for E50 cases ported for polini. NEVER send any paypal payment as "gift" you will not be able to file a claim with paypal. Chris you can suck it.
  • name: Garret or Scott Behm; email: ; location: Appleton, WI
  • name: Karl Schuttler: had 1 good transaction, and then sent money for wheels as a second transaction. It's been 2 months and I haven't received a refund or the wheels. Claims he has no time to ship.
  • NAME: "Steve Huffman": Transaction is a no go and still has my money for a dellorto carb and airbox. Seems to be on site daily but doesn't answer e-mails or responds. Send me my money! claims it cost to much to ship. should have thought of that before ripping people. This isn't charity Stevo. Dated 04/25/2011 It is now May 6, no mail, no money. This guy is a real putz. Beware of shoddy dealings. Lists here under SteveOH or sTv, 240 punk, poochypuch, Sam Huffman. Do not deal with him, you will lose your money! Another week we are now at May 21st, still a douche. Send steve a greeting! June 8th, June 24th, July 6th NOW HAS A NEW HANDLE ... STEPHEN H OR hellamopeds. Still has my money as of July 25th., Aug 15th, still nothing from this fuck.

  • NAME: Daniel Omri Rivera: email,​m sold me a vespa variator, been three weeks no contact or refund.
  paid on the 1st of july 2011 thanks Dan! XXXOOO

Peace out dumbass!

Ian Rose

Good Sellers

  • Name: Ken Roff - Sold me a Maxi 2hp open port top end. Recieved exactly what I thought I was buying + he gave me some extra gaskets. I would buy from him again any day of the week. I can second Ken as a great seller. Bought a Motomatic destroyer from him. He shipped same day with tracking number. Extremely great guy to deal with.
  • Name: Jesse Bechtold - Bought a Puch 15T front sprocket and trade a Tomos motor for a Moby VLX rolling frame. Great seller and would buy from him again.
  • Name: Daniel Mol ( - sold me(Hawaii_Kai) a ZA50 all parts were there and in good condition, shipped promptly.
  • Name: William from the Hot n Readyz in Chicago - Sold me a 70cc Treats kit. Was super helpful and patient with all my questions. Kit came without delay.
  • Names: jesse bechtold, ed exine, moonshiner, mark hand, kevin mueller, rob meek, moped jay, vlado, max mojo...i'll add more when i think of them (kt).
  • . Name: Ian Rose Sold me a 65CC kit at a reasonable price including shipping, Kit was in my mailbox before we even hung up. Answered many more of my questions than I had a right to ask. Parts were right service was very good, I would buy from Ian again anytime,