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|Joint de cylindre
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|[[cylinder head]]
|[[cylinder head]]
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|Pipe admission
|[[intake port]]
|[[intake port]]
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|[[piston port engine]]
|[[piston port engine]]
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|[[spark plug cap]]
|[[spark plug cap]]
|spark plug [[gap]]
|spark plug [[gap]]

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In foreign language classes, you get taught a lot of stuff like "to be" or "to eat" or "I like" or "I need" or "Where's the bathroom?" While those are all good phrases to know, here's your chance to learn the words that REALLY matter to you -- moped words.

This might also help people order parts from overseas vendors, or to translate things from foreign-language moped forums, since we all know that free online translators are somewhat lacking in their "moped parts and performance" vocabulary.

It is highly unlikely that this list will ever be completely filled in (but we're going the right way though!). If you're dying for a word that nobody has provided a translation for, the Word Reference dictionaries and forums are a good place to look or ask. Also, please remember that translation is often an inexact art and that there is probably more than one word for each of these parts or terms.

The English/Dutch/German/French list is first. Scroll down for the English/Italian/Spanish/?? version. Instructions for adding to this list can be found on the discussion page.

English Dutch
(see also Dutch-English version)
German French
air filter Luchtfilter Luftfilter
axle As Achse
base gasket Voetpakking Fussdichtung Joint de cylindre
BDC ODP (onderste dode punt)
bottom end bas-moteur
brakes (disc/drum) Schijfrem/Remmen Scheibenbremse/Trommelbremse freins (a disque/)
CDI Electronische ontsteking CDI-Zündung CDI
carburetor Carburateur Vergaser Carburateur
chain Ketting
choke Choke Kaltstart
clutch Koppeling
compression (ratio) Compressie Kompression
condenser Condensator Kondensator
connecting rod Drijfstang Pleuel
CVT Vario Variomatik
crankcase Krukasholte carter moteur
crankshaft Krukas Kurbelwelle Vilebrequin
cylinder Cilinder Zylinder Cylindre
cylinder head Cilinderkop Zylinderkopf
decompression Decompressie Dekompression
decompression valve Decompressie hendel
engine Motor Motor
engine displacement Cilinderinhoud Hubraum
exhaust port Uitlaatpoort Auslass
exhaust pipe Uitlaat, Uitlaten Auspuff Pot d'échappement
expansion chamber Expansie Resonanzauspuff
fins (like cooling fins) Koelribben
float Vlotter Schwimmer
float bowl Vlotterbakje
float needle Vlotternaald Schwimmerventil
flywheel Vliegwiel Polrad/Schwungrad
[[fuel/air mixture]] Mengsel Gemisch
forks Voorvork (Feder)Gabel
gasket Pakking Dichtung
handlebars Stuur
gasoline Benzine Benzin
idle Stationair
ignition coil Ontstekingsspoel Zündspule
intake manifold Spruitstuk Ansaugstutzen Pipe admission
intake port Inlaatpoort Einlass
jet Sproeier Vergaserdüse
lean Arm mager
magneto Magneet Grundplatte
moped Brommer Mofa un vélomoteur (le mob is how the cool kids say it)
Moped Army Brommer Leger :D
muffler Demper Auspufftopf
needle Gasnaald Düsennadel
petcock Kraan Benzinhahn
piston Zuiger Kolben
piston ring Zuigerveer Kolbenring Segment
piston port engine Zuigergestuurd Kolbengesteuert
piston skirt Zuigerhemd
plug chop Bougiekleur checken Zündkerzenbild
points Contactpunten Unterbrecher
point gap Contactpunt opening Unterbrecherabstand
port Poort Schlitz
port map Poortmap Portmap
pulley la poulie
reed valve Membraan Membran
RPM Toeren Drehzahl
rich Rijk fett
seizure Vastloper Kolbenfresser
spark (noun) Vonk
spark, to (verb) Vonken
spark plug Bougie Zündkerze Bougie
spark plug cap Bougiedop Antiparasite
spark plug gap Elektroden afstand Elektrodenabstand
speed kit Opvoerpakket Rennsatz, Tuningzylinder, Kubiksatz
sprocket Tandwiel (Voor means Front and Achter means Rear) Ritzel
stock d'origen
swingarm Achterbrug Schwinge
suspension Vering Federung
tachometer Toerenteller Tachometer
TDC BDP (Bovenste Dode Punt) OT (Oberer Totpunkt)
throttle Gas Gas
throttle (verb) Gas geven
throttle slide Gasschuif Gasschieber
tickler Vlotterknopje Tupfer
to tinker Opknappen
tire Band Reifen pneu
transfer ports Spoelpoorten Überströmer
top end haut-moteur
transmission Overbrenging Überströmer
tube (for tires) Binnenband
two stroke (oil) 2-takt (olie) 2-Takt
upjet Grotere sproeier inbrengen Größere Hauptdüse einbauen
vacuum leak Valse lucht Falschluft
variator Variateur Variomatik le variateur
wheel Wiel roue/jantes
WOT Volgas Vollgas
wristpin Pistonpen
wristpin bearing Naaldlager Nadellager

English Italian Spanish ??
air filter filtro de aire
base gasket
BDC PMI (punto muerte inferior)
bottom end
brakes (disc/drum) los frenos (disco/tambor)
chain la cadena
choke el estrangulador
clutch el embrague
combustion chamber la cámara de combustión
compression (ratio)
connecting rod la biela
crankcase el cárter
crankshaft el cigüeñal
cylinder el cilindro
cylinder head la cabeza/culata
decompression la descompresión
decompression valve la válvula/gacheta/palanca de descompresión
engine displacement
exhaust port la puerta/lumbrera de escape
exhaust pipe
expansion chamber
fins (like cooling fins) las aletas
float el flotador
float bowl la cuba de nivel constante
float needle la aguja de válvula
flywheel el volante magnético
[[fuel/air mixture]]
forks la horquilla delantera
frame el cuadro
handlebars el manillar
idle ralentí
ignition coil bobina el devanado del arranque (?)
intake manifold
intake port la puerta/lumbrera de admisión
jet el surtidor or chiclé
lighting coil el devanado de alumbrado(?)
magneto la magneto
moped el ciclomotor(es)
Moped Army el ejercito de ciclomotor(es)
muffler el silenciador
needle la aguja
petcock la llave de la gasolina
piston el émbolo
piston ring
piston port engine
piston skirt la falda del émbolo
plug chop
points los platinos
point gap
port puerta, lumbrera, or canal
port map
reed valve
rich rica (una mezcla rica)
spark (noun) la chispa
spark, to (verb) hacer una chispa
spark plug la bujía
spark plug cap el capuchón de bujía/el sombrerete
spark plug gap
speed kit
swingarm la horquilla trasera (?)
TDC PMS (punto muerte superior)
throttle el acelerador
throttle (verb) girar el acelerador
throttle slide
tickler el excitador
to tinker
top end
transfer port el canal de transferencia
tube (for tires) la cámara
two stroke (oil)
vacuum leak
wheel la rueda
wrist pin