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Fan pages are websites focused narrowly on a specific moped brand, model, or even particular moped that someone owns. These tend to dig deeper into specific information for their niche than other community sites.

Fan Pages

50cc Motorcycles Homepage

This is a good place to find info on asian mopeds, and 50cc motorcycles. nice pics of custom bikes.

Babett Clan

This seems to be a page devoted to the Babetta mopeds. Babetta mopeds are their own distinct brand, but they are affiliated with Jawa in some manner. Jawa also has a model named Babetta. Warning: This site is not in english.

Batavus How To's

Information posted about Batavus mopeds including wiring diagrams, owner's manual, and a few how to guides from shaving heads to modifying a 2 piece Tomos Bi-turbo to fit on a Batavus. Once you're on the site, click on "Moped Adventures" on the left side navigation.

Batavus Mopeds dot com

This is a great site all about Batavus mopeds. There is a history of Batavus, info and photos for each model, a collection of old advertisements and more.

DKW Hummel

This is a great site all about the famous DKW Hummel, the first 3 - gears moped on the market.

Gangly Jeff's PA50 Page

Great site for into on maintaining and modifying a Honda PA50. Photos and details on procedures.

Hayato's page

This page features quite extensive Tomos information with detailed step by step maintenance instructions. It's a Japanese site with no English version.

Honda C70 Passport

Lots of good info about this moped, including electrical diagrams.

Honda Scooterist

Good pictures, but info lacking and incomplete. If you're into honda scooters its a decent page...

Kreidler Museum

Tons of information about Kreidler models; photos and technical data. In German.

Les Mobylettes, Motobecane

This site is entirely in French, and serves as a nice tribute to older Motobecane models. The photo section includes some crisp shots of older logos and emblems, and there's a really cool family tree of the Motobecane. Your also find various low-resolution diagrams. Don't speak French? Try the Google translation.

Mini Moto Madness (Pocketbikes)

This is a website dealing with Yamaha YSR's which seem to be moped class mini motorcycles that go 55mph. Pretty cool info, and a nice custom bike gallery.

Mizuiro Tomos

This Japanese site is mainly about the Tomos Classic I, but has photos and customizations of a variety of moped types. It has a really nice design and lots of photos and information.

A Japanese site dedicated to the Motobecane 881. It highlights some maintenance tips and mentions the various movies it's been featured in such as Amelie. The 881 was the last model still being manufactured in the classic Motobecane style.


This is a really cool website featuring the Italian Company Motom. Lots of really good pictures, and info.

This is the homepage for the real NSU moped enthusiast. Lots of detailled information about the history, technical advise and helpful things like: "Print engine sealings your own". Homepage is in german, - the linked forum is both german and english.

Puch Maxi, Maxi-technics

A really awsome informative web site dealing with anything you want to know about Puch mopeds. Very useful real world information.

Puch Photo Gallery

Lots of good photos of both new and rare old Puch models.

Puch Rigid Maxi

This is a website all about the customization of Puch Rigid Maxi.

This website showcases an extensive private collection of old Puch mopeds in Sweden. A old service station acts as a museum and each moped is detailed with photos, descriptions, and even engine explosions. There also appears to be some Puch parts and accessories for sale. This is a great site for any lover of Puch mopeds. Now in English!

SACHS 50S repair manuals

This website contains technical information like drawings and parts lists for the SACHS 50 S engine

Scooter Motobecane Type S.C.C.

This beautiful site details the restoration of a Scooter Motobecane type S.C.C., and acts as an information center for these scooters. Great photographs, downloadable manuals, and even PDFs and scans from articles that talk about the S.C.C. This is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in these scooters. This is in French, so try the Google translation if needed.


A Japanese Solex page with some English content, photos, repair and parts info.

The honda Four-stroke Streetfighter page

A great sight about custom building a moped.

The Mighty Moped

An extensive survey of one particular 1981 Murray Puch. Lots of photos of this moped.

The Solex Page

Info on the Solex/Velosolex. This site has nice diagrams and repair info. Lists of Solex clubs. The site is mostly in french.

The Tomos 4L page 4U

This site has a good deal of information all pertaining to the Tomos 4L moped. If you have one of these mopeds, you're going to love the photos on this site. Available in English.

The Ultimate Garelli Enthusiasts Site

This is a small but focused site about Garelli's. You'll find commentary and a few photos. I wouldn't say the "ultimate" yet, but it looks like it's growing and is going to be a nice resource.

Tomos Moped Fan Page

This is the best Tomos resource page out there.

Whizzer Bikes

A pretty well researched Whizzer bike site. Lots of good photos of the originals, and info on how to get a new one through them.

Zündapp Info

This is a rather jumbled site. Great info and pics though, if you feel like digging around through it.

Zweirad Union Mopeds

Great homepage of the brands incorporated in the Zweirad Union: Express, DKW, Victoria.