Exhaust Pipe Experiments

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Proma Country Pipe (designed for a Puch)

OK, I was tired of waiting for a “designed for the Hobbit/Camino” pipe to show up (either for sale or used), so I decided to try grafting a cheap pipe onto my Hobbit.

I bought a Proma Country pipe (for a Puch) from mopedshop.com for $60 plus shipping.

Proma Country.jpg

Overall View Left Side.jpg

Rear Pipe Mount.jpg

Pipe Top View.jpg

Pipe Weld.jpg

Parts Cut from stock pipe.jpg

The results are good. My town is full of hills. On the last ride (with the stock exhaust), my Hobbit would only pull 20 MPH up a certain hill. On my trial ride (no “dialing in the jet yet”), my Hobbit pulled 27 MPH!

Top speed? Don’t know for sure yet. I could only go about 28MPH (I weight about 250 lbs) on flat and level. So far, on a short straigt, it went 33 or 34 MPH indicated. It may have more in it on a longer straight.

From a stop, I think it lost a tiny bit, but once it is about 5 to 7 MPH, it certainly starts pulling harder than it used to. I’m thinking that I may lighten my variator weights some, since it seems like this would also help acceleration (the new powerband peak seems slightly higher than before).

Downside: The center stand does hit the pipe, preventing it from folding to the fully-up position. Not a big deal for me.

I view this experiment as worth while. If it’ll get a little faster when I match the jet to the pipe, even better. My goal was midrange torque/pulling power, and this goal was met.

One last problem remains: this mod means that I can easily outpull my sons Hobbit in town. He won’t be happy. I’m thinking about grafting a Technigas on his . . . .