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==Proma Country Pipe (designed for a Puch)==
OK, I was tired of waiting for a “designed for the Hobbit/Camino” pipe to show up (either for sale or used), so I decided to try grafting a cheap pipe onto my Hobbit.
I bought a Proma Country pipe (for a Puch) from mopedshop.com for $60 plus shipping.
[[Image:Proma Country.jpg]]
[[Image:Overall View Left Side.jpg]]
[[Image:Rear Pipe Mount.jpg]]
[[Image:Pipe Top View.jpg]]
[[Image:Pipe Weld.jpg]]
[[Image:Parts Cut from stock pipe.jpg]]
The results are good. My town is full of hills. On the last ride (with the stock exhaust), my Hobbit would only pull 20 MPH up a certain hill. On my trial ride (no “dialing in the jet yet”), my Hobbit pulled 27 MPH!
Top speed? Don’t know for sure yet. I could only go about 28MPH (I weight about 250 lbs) on flat and level. So far, on a short straigt, it went 33 or 34 MPH indicated. It may have more in it on a longer straight.
From a stop, I think it lost a tiny bit, but once it is about 5 to 7 MPH, it certainly starts pulling harder than it used to. I’m thinking that I may lighten my variator weights some, since it seems like this would also help acceleration (the new powerband peak seems slightly higher than before).
Downside: The center stand does hit the pipe, preventing it from folding to the fully-up position. Not a big deal for me.
I view this experiment as worth while. If it’ll get a little faster when I match the jet to the pipe, even better. My goal was midrange torque/pulling power, and this goal was met.
One last problem remains: this mod means that I can easily outpull my sons Hobbit in town. He won’t be happy. I’m thinking about grafting a Technigas on his . . . .

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