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'''Don Ohio''' (don45640) is a long-time poster on the Moped Army forums.  During the last couple of years, most likely due to the boredom of retired life in Jackson, OH, he has taken to becoming one of the more prolific posters on the OT.
His posts are typically characterized by arrogance, and tend to be laced with his extreme right-wing political views, and he often times proselytizes, and has been known to quote The Bible.  He presents his views as the absolute truth, and will vehemently argue with anyone who disagrees with him.  Even on simple topics where he is obviously wrong (and often times, this is the case), he will argue his points to exhaustion, never yield, and will typically do so combatively.  Though he appears to be of above average intelligence, judging by the fact that his posts are fairly coherent, and are grammatically-sound, his narrow, closed-minded views make him come off as a buffoon and a charlatan.  Though he claims himself to be a Christian, he will not mince words with those who argue and/or confront him, thus not "turning the other cheek", as The Bible he often times quotes tells him he should in fact do.  He typically signs his posts, and often ends them in ''LOL!'', thus exemplifying what a self-righteous blow-hard he is.
In other words, Don Ohio is a walking contradiction.
Typically, the best advice to deal with trolls is to not feed them.  However, Don Ohio is a special case.  His posts should not be ignored.  Rather, they should be responded to as each individual sees fit.  This can be something as simple as politely calling him out on his idiocy, or it could be something extreme, such as counter-trolling with  creative shenanigans and Tom Foolery designed to get his goat (which isn't too incredibly challenging, due to his fragile ego).  A word of caution:  Trying to reason with Don Ohio is typically futile.  Therefore, I strongly urge the latter, as it's much more entertaining to other posters.
Of note, Don Ohio can dish it out, but he can't take it.  He has no problem engaging, but when it comes back his way, he tends to report posts that he finds offensive (basically, posts by anyone who argues with him), and he often times pulls the victim card, claiming that right-wing Christians on the OT are being persecuted.

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