Diy timing light power supply

The assembled power supply.jpg

Materials: •12v DC power supply Amazon sells them cheap look for them at thrift stores too, a 2a one works great

•2 bolts, 4 nuts, and 2 washers Size and material doesn't really matter

Extra credit:

•A box to put it in Conduit boxes are great (the cover needs to be plastic!)

•Crimp rings

Build it: Cut and strip the wires back an inch or two. Set your multi meter to DC (straight line not wavy) and check the polarity of the supply. If it says 12v then the red lead is the (+) and the black lead is (-), if it says -12v then the black lead is the (+) and the red is the (-). Really you can say screw it and just try it either way till it works. Wrap one of the wires around the bolt and squash it between two nuts and a washer. Do it with the other bolt and nuts. Attach the leads from the timing light to the bolts and finally make Roffman proud.

It works!.jpg