Derestricting Tecno Circuit Exhaust

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How-to remove the restrictor from the Tecno Circuit exhaust. This works on all models.


Most people don't know that the some of the Tecno Circuit exhausts are actually restricted. It isn't logical to restrict a tuned exhaust, but Tecno does (on most of their exhausts, so be aware). The restrictor limits the top speed and actually makes the exhaust louder, so removing the restrictor will increase pull and top speed and reduce exhaust noise.


What you need:

  • Drill with 5mm metal drill
  • Disc-cutter or metal-saw
  • Driving stake or large screw-driver
  • Gentle adjustment tool (AKA Big fekkin hammer)
  • Welder

Step 1

Let's get started!

Cut off your muffler. Be sure to leave a couple of inches on, like in the following pic:


NOTE! You don't actually need to cut this off. you can just remove the baffle starting at Step 2. But I'll leave this in here for you to look at.

Step 2

Drill all the rivets out of the silencer with a 5mm drill. Take the filling out of the muffler. You can re-use the filling, but it's better to replace it with new muffler-filling (You can get this at any auto parts store or even use wall insulation).

Step 3

Now you've opened up the muffler, you'll probably see the restrictor. It's a twisted plate and you're going to convince it to move out. Take you driving stake or big flathead screw-driver and put it up the rear end of the exhaust. (So you work the plate towards the cut.) Put the driving device onto the side of the plate and gently adjust with your adjustment tool (Ram it to hell and back!).


Step 3

When it's out you can reassemble the muffler. Don't forget the filling. It's better to wind it around the tube a lil loose instead of tight, muffles wayyy better that way. After this you can weld the exhaust back together if you made the silly mistake of cutting it off in the first place.

A simple rivet gun with pop rivets is all you need to reattach the outer shell and reassemble the baffle.

That's it, you're done. Tuning was never this easy. And it's also a great way of venting your anger!

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Translated by: SchijnHeilig