Dellorto SHA air filter mod

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This will show you how to make your restrictive stock Dellorto SHA air filter high flow.

The stock SHA air filter element consist of a housing and several stack mesh screens. One of which has way larger holes then the rest.

Step one: Using a small flat head screw driver pry out the screens from the back one by one. The back screen will have larger holes than the rest of the screens. This is the screen that you will use. They are just fitted in the housing and can easily be pried out. File:Http://

Step two: Cut a piece of high flow filter or foam the same shape and diameter as the screens that you just removed from the air filter housing. I purchased a cheap metal mesh high flow filter from the local dirt bike shop, but you could use a thin piece of foam filter if you prefer. File:Http://

Now you have everything that you need. The screen with the large holes, the housing and the piece of high flow filter. File:Http://

Step three: Insert the cut piece of high flow filter in the housing from the back so that it is up front. Then pop the screen with the large holes in to hold it in place.

Back: File:Http://

Front: File:Http://

Now you have got a high flow filter with a totally stock profile. File:Http:// File:Http://