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Decepticons (Dcons)
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Active within Moped Army1997-present
Branch captainDave BrzezickiNick Jobbitt
RallyMoped BBQ

The Dcons meet every Wednesday -- except the first Wednesday of the month -- at Black Owl Cafe, 7:00pm. These meetings are open to the public.

Impromptu rides and event alerts are currently being sent by GroupMe, if interested in joining by text or app for your phone, contact Dave or Nick.

For up-to-date information on current projects, ride photos, hang out tomfoolery and the like, check out the Dcons blog


See also: Moped Army

Decepticons swarm East Hall, 2003

The Decepticons were formed in 1997 by Simon King, Dan Webber Kastner, and Brennan Sang in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

The Decepticons were the first branch of the Moped Army, and the subsequent greater organization of the Moped Army developed from the Kalamazoo branch.

Decepticon membership ebbs and flows, but has had more members founding and joining other branches than any other Moped Army branch. There have been over 130 members through the Decepticons in its 15 year history.

There are former members of the Decepticons now members of Peddy Cash, Mosquito Fleet, Creatures of the Loin, The Guns, Bourbon Bandits, Khz, Puddle Cutters, and the Ghost Riders.

Branch Organization

As of 2013 the D'cons have established a complete, formal charter.

Current captains are Dave Brzezicki and Nick Jobbitt. Required meetings for active members are held the first Wednesday of each month.

Moped BBQ

Decepticons meeting, 2013

Main article: Moped BBQ

The Decepticons used to host the Moped BBQ rally, which, for many years, were some of the the largest moped rally in North America.

Hundreds of Moped Army members have descended upon on Kalamazoo to celebrate all that is moped. Races, parties, and long rides have regularly been on the agenda.

D'cons Top 10 Kalamazoo Eats

In no particular order.

  1. Bangkok Flavor $$$
  2. Bilbo's $$
  3. Cosmo's / O'Duffy's $$
  4. El Gallo Blanco $
  5. Food Dance $$$
  6. Ray-Ray's Taste of Chicago $
  7. Martini's $$
  8. Olde Peninsula $$
  9. Spice and Rice $
  10. Studio Grill $

D'con-Related Moped Shops

1977 Mopeds Online Parts Shop

1977 Mopeds was founded in Kalamazoo. The first location was on Portage Road in a former fish bait warehouse turned biker bar. In 2005, the shop moved downtown on the Kalamazoo Mall, and this location closed in 2008. During this time, 1977 was owned and operated by Dan Webber Kastner and Dave Brzezicki.

1977 Mopeds is a parts sales and distribution business, you can visit them at


Founded and operated by Chad Burke, who was one of the first 10 members of the Moped Army and a Decepticon for 12 years and continues to serve and support the moped community of Kalamazoo, both with parts and repairs as well as loaners for Decepticons without running mopeds at rallies/events.

Quarterkick Moped Shop, owned and operated by Chad Burke

Kalamazoo is home to the Quarterkick Moped Shop, located in Kalamazoo's south-east side. It is owned and operated by Chad Burke. Quarterkick sells, services, and modifies mopeds and also stocks and sells performance parts. It's address is 2031 Palmer Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49001. Chad is available most days by appointment and also lists shop hours on his Craigslist ad. With over 25 years of riding and service experience, this is one of the most comprehensive and knowledgeable shops to have a moped repaired or serviced.

Quarterkick is also the meeting spot for the Kalamazoo Moped Riders. Weekly Sunday rides that leave at 5pm, weather permitting. For information on both weekly rides and impromptu rides, please visit the Kalamazoo Moped Riders Facebook page, and feel free to join the group.

D'con Trivia

Some say the D'cons were established in 1967 as the Military arm of the Principality of Sealand.

The Kalamazoo Building was built by an army of Charles Mercadal clones. We are still not sure if we have the real Charles or not.

Dave Brzezicki's house is actually a TARDIS turned inside out.

There are two special hairs in Nick Jobbitt's beard. One cures cancer, the other causes it, and they look identical.

It is a little known fact that Ross Snyder is the true inventor of the Everlasting Gobstopper.

Matt Schmitz wants to ride mopeds. That's all.

Chancellor Lee's most prized possession is his collection of RAZR foot scooters.

Blood tests have recently revealed that Andy Walker is the long lost son of Brian Boitano.

It is reported that Ryan Kinney pees mint julep, but no one has been willing to confirm or deny this fact.