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| founded = 1997
| founded = 1997
| active = 1997-present
| active = 1997-present
| branch captain = [[http://www.mopedarmy.com/members/view/decepticons/daveb/|Dave Brzezicki]], [[http://www.mopedarmy.com/members/view/decepticons/erinm/|Erin Mathieson]]
| branch captain = [http://www.mopedarmy.com/members/view/decepticons/daveb/ Dave Brzezicki], [http://www.mopedarmy.com/members/view/decepticons/erinm/ Erin Mathieson]
| rally = [[Moped BBQ]]
| rally = [[Moped BBQ]]

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Active within Moped Army1997-present
Branch captainDave Brzezicki, Erin Mathieson
RallyMoped BBQ

The Decepticons were formed in 1997 by Simon King, Dan Webber Kastner, and Brennan Sang. The early Decepticons eventually became the foundation for the greater Moped Army. Kalamazoo remains the capitol city of the Moped Army.

Decepticon membership ebbs and flows, but has had more members founding and joining other branches than any other Moped Army branch. There have been over 130 members through the Decepticons in its 10 year history. Former Dcons are now members of: Peddy Cash, Mosquito Fleet, Creatures of the Loin, The Guns, Bourbon Bandits, Khz, and the Ghost Riders.

The Dcons also have the largest amount of Scouts of any other branch, with members working on starting new branches in their areas. Decepticon Scouts have had involvement in at least 6 of the branches of the Moped Army.

A Decepticon started the very first Moped Army-owned [Shop_links|moped shop]] called 1977 mopeds. This greatly increased riders in the Michigan area, do to the availabilty of replacement parts and mopeds.

Contact the branch captains for times and locations of Decepticon rides.

Moped BBQ

Main article: Moped BBQ

Each Memorial Day, the Decepticons host the Moped BBQ rally, which has regularly been the largest moped rally in North America. Every year hundreds of Moped Army members descend on Kalamazoo to celebrate all that is moped. Races, parties, bike shows, and long rides are all on the agenda.

Branch organization

The Decepticons currently have two branch co-captains. As of 2007, there have been tentative plans made at establishing a participation-based hierarchy. New requirements for branch membership have also been discussed, which would expect prospective members to be sponsored by a present member, establish a minimum amount of time until full membership, and require attendance at at least one moped rally.

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