DAM! Riders

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DAM! Riders
FoundedApril 2011

DAM! Riders, Dayton Area Moped Riders, is a local moped club out of Dayton, Ohio. The name DAM! Riders is primarily meant to encompass not only Dayton, but its surrounding area of moped riders. It is also fitting for our club, because of our five dams, which were built after the great dayton flood of 1913.

Dayton is a fairly small city, but not that small! It's suburbs spread across a wide metropolitan area and because of that we have a diversity of riders from different aspects of life. Our riders will travel some pretty far distances to meet up and ride. We do it because we want to hang out, help each other, and just have a good time together! We work many different professions and have to be flexible with our weekly meets. Whether it's Moped Monday, Two-stroke Tuesday, Wrenching Wednesday or F**k-it-Friday! (gotta have a free day right). We'll always find some way to unleash the passion we all have, which is putting our blood and sweat into mopeds. We always smell like grease and two-stroke; We've subjected ourselves to so much exhaust that we may have brain damage, but hey, when you have an addiction, its all that matters.

Every year the DAM! presence at rallies has been growing. Once you rally its in your blood! We've met so many great folks and made some awesome friends. You know who you are! Our website is daytonareamopedriders.com. To keep communication flowing we utilize Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. ‪#‎damriders‬ (come on you know how that hashtag thing works) Were always open to new members and if you wanna come see what were all about, feel free to join us on any of our rides. You'll be hooked! Check us out!

Website: "daytonareamopedriders.com"
Facebook: "Dayton Area Moped Riders"
Twitter: "@DAM_Riders"

Brandon Fairchild
Michael Rishforth
Christopher Staggs
Calli Whitt
Nick Lepera
Jake Miller
G Rashid
Jacob 'The snake" T.
Michael V.
Darryl Fairchild
Debra Z.
Justin Miller
Joey P.
Cory "Skinny G"
Ray A.
Jay M
Darrell M.
Taylor French
Melinda Fairchild
Mario Zamora
Brad Hensley
Malisa Blankenship
Brian Barkalow
Shawn S.
Kevin Boyd

• Gary C.
• Tim Emerit • R.C. Kraft • Tim Price • Levi Fair • Super Todd • Ashlee Donnel

Retired/Former Members:
Sam Babcock
Keith M.