Custom Seat Lettering

Here is an easy step by step process demonstrating how to remove and add seat lettering.


Step 1: Get some ol’ fashion carburetor cleaner and a rag. spray a bit into the rag and rub away. You’ll find that the old lettering will come off very easily.


Step 2: Get some printable sticker paper, design your logo and print it out. I easily designed mine using Microsoft Word.


Step 3: Get an exacto knife and carefully cut out what you want painted on your seat. I had to save the centers of the O’s and R.


Step 4: Remove the backing and place the logo where you want it on the seat.

Step 5: Spray paint your logo. This could be where it all falls apart. TAKE YOUR TIME. It works best with VERY light coats. If your using a bright color (as I did), you should spray it white first and then add your color.

Step 6: Carefully take the exacto knife and trace around your lettering to prevent it from coming off when you remove the sticker. There will probably be some little runs that made it past the sticker paper. You can remove these with a Q-tip, some carb cleaner, and a toothpick.


Well, here’s the finished product. I’m going to clean it up a little more before I install it. Hope this inspires you to create your own custom seat lettering.

"Based on my experiences from days as a painted leather jacket wearing punk, I recommend using paint specifically for leather such as Angelus brand. Spray paint tends to flake off." ~sickstep