Creatures of the Loin

Creatures of the Loin
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San Franciso, CA
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The Creatures of the Loin, or COTL, are a San Francisco based moped gang, and a branch of the Moped Army. The were inducted into the Moped Army in 2005. They currently boast 55 members, 6 honorary, and at least a dozen former members. COTL is the largest moped gang in Moped Army.

The COTL have jump started the formerly dormant California moped scene, inspiring gangs to form in LA (Latebirds and Crows), Redding, and Sacramento (Landsquids)

The rapid growth of the COTL brought on growing pains between members along personal and ideological lines, resulting in a messy split during the spring of 2006. One of the founders and most current members continued under the name Creatures of the Loin, while some others, dubbed the Treats, left to pursue different goals.

The COTL rides are dominated by Puch ownership, with somewhere around 75% of the mopeds in San Francisco being Puchs, and a growing contingent of Motobecanes alongside a smattering of other bikes.

The Creatures Of The Loin hosted their first moped rally entitled Trick or Treat 2006 on September 22nd thru 25th, 2006. Their second rally GenderBender08 took place September 26th thru 29th 2008. It was RAD. In 2010, Ceremony was held. The most recent rally was held in 2012 and was called Trick or Treat 2.