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Community sites are websites like this one that provide a gather and information sharing place for moped enthusiasts. Sometimes they are for all moped riders, others are organized by region or brand.

Online Moped Communities

3-Wheeled Moped Group

This Yahoo group is dedicated to the 3-wheeled scooters/mopeds that lean thru curves. These include the Ariel 3, Daihatsu Hallo, and the Honda Gyro. Some of these aren't really mopeds, but they will be of interest to most moped fans.

Expressly Mopeds Q and A

A decent forum on moped and scooter discussion.

International Moped BBS

This is a forum hosted by the folks at

A Jawa community site complete with forum hosted in the Netherlands. There doesn't seem to be an English language version.

Maarten's Kreidler Club

A frame number database, the complete Kreidlersong in an MP3, a forum, and more. This is a great community site for Kreidler owners.

Mofa Power

German moped forum. Looks like it a lively community for German speaking moped riders.

Moped Army IRC

A Moped Army IRC channel has been founded at The channel name is #mopedarmy.

Moped Guru

This is a great moped community site.

Moped Riders Association

They call themselves a forum for all moped enthusiasts, but they also host repair information and a great archive of repair manuals. Scanned manuals like these are a great resource.

One of the best moped websites on the Internet. Tons of information, photos and classifieds. Definitely check this one out. Note: this used to be

NSU Quickly Forum

Forum for NSU Quickly owners / enthusiasts in german and english. Find or discuss useful information to get your NSU Quickly back on track.

Retro Mopeds

A Canadian oriented moped site that deals with Canadian laws as well as tips and advice for all moped owners.

Rocketship Tomos

I can't read a word of it since it's in Japanese, but this seems to be the best moped site in Japan. It's mostly about Tomos, but covers all mopeds in Tokyo and has a lot of community oriented features. Check out the extra sections, and in particular the Tokyo Moped Watch.

Solex Millenium

This community portal for Solex enthusiasts has lots of good information and even Solex oriented merchandise. The site is mostly in French.

Tomos Mopeds Community

Forum for owners of Tomos mopeds.