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Vintage ad for Columbia mopeds.


  • Columbia mopeds were made by [Columbia Bicycles], which is claimed to be one of the very first bicycle manufacturers in the United States, dating back to 1843. The mopeds even sported the same logo as the bicycle company.
  • Columbia mopeds were the only Mopeds ever assembled inside the U.S., even though the parts and motor were not made there.
1978 Columbia Commuter w/ stamped frame & Sachs motor.
1978 Columbia Commuter w/ a tube frame & Solo motor.


The majority of Columbia mopeds bikes were powered with either a 47cc Sachs 505/1A, though some were powered by a Solo motor. There were 2 abundant frame types, both of which went by the same name of the Columbia Commuter. The pressed steel frame was Sachs powered only, while the tube frame model had either the Sachs or the Solo motor.

At some point in the late 70's and early 80's Columbia sold rights and design of their moped to a company that produced the identical moped under the name Moppet.


  • Columbia "Commuter"
  • Columbia "Imperial"
  • Columbia "Medallion 2271"
  • Columbia "Medallion 2281"
  • Columbia "Model 57062"
  • Columbia "Model 2251"
  • Columbia "Model 2241"
  • Columbia "Motrek"
  • Columbia "Western Flyer"