A clutch is a mechanism for transmitting rotation, which can be engaged and disengaged. Most mopeds have an automatic clutch, using centrifugal forces to engage the clutch above certain rpm..

Clutch Parts

Tomos A35 Clutch Repair

Situation: Your a35 tranny sounds crappy and the clutch is slipping, upon inspection it appears your cork has gone through a blender.

This guide will teach you how to recork your clutches instead of buying new ones ($75 each) and also how to make them last longer by turning fig 3a into fig 4a


What you will need, a square of cork (mine was a package of squares which are used for a small message board) A palm sander or equivilant Devcon II super glue, or something equally as good

First, the square of cork you are using is probably much much too thick (mine were 4mm thick) they need to be approximately 2mm thick when finished. Go ahead and sand it down a decent bit (to maybe 3mm) (to make it more flexible) and then cut into strips measuring exactly 15mm by 80mm.

Sand off the remaining cork and roughen up the metal on the clutch to ensure the glue sticks well. As accurately as possible, glue the strips from tip to tip following the fig 4a design. After holding till its set, i recommend rolling the clutch with a bit of force to ensure all parts are glued down well.

Sand the overhanging edges and round all corners, sand the “bridge” between the strips in order to make a “ramp” to reduce wear (DOES WORK) as seen in picture below

Clutch ramp.jpg

Then, attempt to put the clutch back into its housing. It probably won’t fit so carefully sand down each side evenly making sure to maintain the ramp effect at the gaps. Sand until the clutch fits into the housing with just a bit of a gap as shown below.

Clutch in housing.jpg

Thats it, remember where all the parts go, and reassemble with confidence knowing the new design won’t get torn to shit and will last longer.



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