Team Rocket

Team Rocket
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Lakeland FL, Louisville KY, Detroit MI
FoundedFebruary 2014

Right now we have been scattered across the nation by the Borg, so we do not have a hard location at the moment, however we are still active in our own areas; mostly consisting of Michigan, Kentucky, and Florida.

Chances are at any given time we're riding, repairing, or checking our bank account. We are a group connected through more than just mopeds.

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Commodore Perry (President)

Dusty Rim (Vice President) Traylor Roberts

Nina King

Chris Granzow

Jesse Young

Calen Wood

Michael Bilezikian

Kaleb Williams

Joey Safran

Ian Jones

Inactive Members

John Carlile

Dave Brown

Jenson Martinelli

Dober Kline

Rob Laskin

Karleigh Smoak

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The home of the ol fire and briar, two stroke smoke, and rotten attitudes.